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4 ways of how to make a website

Alena Porokh 29.10.2021

We want to help you understand how to make a website that will work for you. We’ll give you a step-by-step plan on how to make a website:

  • elect the type of point;
  • choose the right domain and hosting;
  • find a website builder or platform that will cover all the “requirements”;
  • decide who will create it for you.

We assign an essential role to our website that will encourage the growth of our business, income, or image. What’s a website, and what do we need it for? Imagine that a website is an office or a store. To find it, the Buyer uses the address (domain). How to hold dear guests and encourage them to make a purchase or leave data depends on how thoughtful, modern, and engaging your website will be.

How to make a website: Step 1. It’s important to determine the type of website

→ Portfolio – helps you to tell your story and shows your works. In short, it’s like your online CV with examples of what you can do. It needs to have a responsive design and easy navigation. There are many advantages in having a portfolio

  • it will be available to employers or users 24/7;
  • it provides an option to develop a personal brand;
  • helps to increase your income expectations.

The portfolio is a must-have for shutterbugs, web designers, inventors, artists, illustrators, models, actors. Indeed, commercial websites and online stores also need portfolios with successful cases. According to experts from the Upwork platform, in 2021, it’s 12 times further effective to give a link to your portfolio website than to use a business card.

quickly create a website or landing page


→ A blog is a place where text content plays the most crucial role. A blog is a large number of articles with helpful information. When you feel like an expert in any field, it’s time to start a blog. There you can share your experience and knowledge, and at the same time attract traffic, that will bring you income.

Start promoting your brand through a blog. To do this, you must regularly write authentic stories. For example, in the movie JULIE & JULIA, the promoter Julie Powell runs a culinary blog and becomes a blogger. You can create a well-known brand that attracts followers and it’s much easier to interrogate with “hot” followers than with the “cold” ones.

What is the purpose of commercial websites

→ An online store is a website that has product cards with descriptions, prints, and a shopping cart. An essential feature of any card is the presence of two buttons, “Quick purchase” and “Add to the cart”. We also keep in mind the necessary online store features

  • Filters to ease the search;
  • Sorting, by price, color, weight;
  • Presence of all social media buttons to grant the proper feedback;
  • The mobile adaptation must be great on any device;

We recommend placing an online store on the WordPress platform if your assortment is up to 500 items. And OpenCart if more than 500. Ecommerce platforms such as Amazon Ali Express use their self-written kernel, but its development is quite expensive.

Professionals know how to make a website for an online store to engage users and make them do targeted action, i.e., to encourage them to make a purchase. If you examine Portfolios of website creating agencies, you may find one that suits you.


→ A corporate website builds the reputation and image of the company in users’ minds. The logo, commercial colors, information about the team, partners, product, or services help to make the brand well-known. In the case of the corporate website, it’s useless to create a website without professional help. Too much is at stake: reputation, brand recognition, intelligent use of Marketing, and SEO strategies. Companies and Startups need a corporate website to produce a respectable image or attract investment. After all, if you aren’t on the Internet, you exist nowhere.

quickly create a website or landing page

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Step 2. We need the proper domain and choose the right hosting

A domain is the address or name of the website. It should be clear, readable and memorable. There are two approaches to choosing a domain:

  1. A catchy name that carries some kind of communication, which, together with the logo and commercial colors, will present you to your customer. For example, or;
  2. Keywords or keyphrases, for example,,, When the website’s domain contains a keyword, it simplifies the traffic growth on Google, Yandex, Yahoo. We recommend giving your preference to the second option as the traffic is a king. Keep in mind that it’s possible that the domain you come up with can be busy, so breathe and feel free to check other variants. A unique address will work with top-level domains com;. net;. org.

Although you can choose the hosting by yourself, the best thing to do is make it with your website developers. After all, the loading speed of your site depends on the hosting, i.e., how well it allows you to optimize the server. You can check the website loading speed by using the Google PageSpeed resource.

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Step 3. Choosing a platform for creating a website

Why, of the numerous platforms and website builders, do we recommend WordPress in the first place?! It’s simple as that:

  • 44% of all websites on the World Wide Web are created on the WordPress;
  • The Walt Disney Company, TechCrunch, Microsoft News, Ted Blog, BBC America, PlayStation, Skype, MTV News, Vogue, Evernote, Angry Birds, Snoop Dog, Beyonce, Facebook Newsroom-the list, is endless. And this isn’t the small part of all the companies that have entrusted their websites to WordPress;
  • The engaging interface simplifies website operation. And the presence of plugins and themes helps to fill it with bright ultramodern content;
  • The Yoast SEO plugin will help you make SEO on WordPress. It’s your Assistant to work out a website promotion strategy in the webspace. It allows you to look at the work of your site through the eyes of the Google and Yandex robots. You’ll get tips for optimizing your SEO strategy: whether your content is unique, usage of keywords, adding meta-titles and descriptions, in a word, advice on what needs to be fixed to increase traffic;
  • There are a lot of hidden expenses on other platforms like Wix and Shopify. Each extension of the functionality brings extra costs. WordPress is known as the convenient engine for creating websites. Many features and plugins on WordPress are available for free or with a one-time payment.

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Step 4. You want to try to create a website on your own, or let’s find professionals

You have come to the most crucial step that affects the success of your website. We agreed before that the website works for your wallet: it attracts traffic, monetizes your efforts, and covers time spent on this project.

In addition to choosing the proper point structure, images, photos, design, and domain, the content posted on the site is very important. Content that works for you should:

  • be unique, i.e., one that hasn’t been used anywhere yet. The uniqueness must be at least 95%. We recommend checking your content on the following platforms: Content Plagiarism Checker, Plagiarisma, Grammarly, etc.
  • contain keywords that people type in when search the web. Robots use keywords to determine the theme and quality of content; this enables users to find you. To find and assess keywords, we use the following services Serpstat, Google Keywords Planner, Key Collector, Ahrefs.
  • stick to the rule of priority, i.e., you can’t post on your website content that you already posted on social media can not be posted on the website. For robots, it’ll lose uniqueness and, as a result, will get negative reactions in search engine algorithms. First post content on the website, then you can post it on your social media;
  • use unique images and photos. The thing is that lately, search robots have become so “smart” that they can read what’s shown in the picture and how unique this image is. It’s also essential to use the Alt and Title attributes with keywords, i.e., give the proper description to this part of content. Keep in mind – Traffic is a Master.

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Why choose Agency Nixwood

Our team will cover all the stages described above

→ UI-UX Developer;

→ Content Director;

→ Programmer;

→ DevOps Mastermind.

The most advanced freelancer can’t cover this all alone. That is the part where the understanding comes that a team of professionals having experience with different systems is much more appealing from the “Price = Quality” point of view.

Nixwood, a web designing studio, creates websites that inspire users to interact with your product and encourage them to make the targeted action: place an order, follow a link, register. Our customers constantly get their guests online without extra costs for SEO and advertising.

We make your success together with you.



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