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Custom website design or social media page: what is the best?

katya 18.10.2021

Custom website design or only social media activity? Is it important to create a website, or promoting on social media is enough? And what are the main differences between these two marketplaces from the business position? It’s really tricky question. Let’s learn, what is the optimal way for your business and why.

A website vs social media page: key points for business

  • Who will see your goods or services? Choosing your “digital environment” depends on many factors and your needs. For a custom website design and Facebook or Instagram page it will be different kinds of users: age, interests, habits etc. So, you have to keep in mind this fact when choosing a type of online presence of a business.
  • The kind of promotion. When the site is promoted by search engines, a social page – the news line. That’s why instruments and opportunities of online promotion of a page and a website are rather different.
  • The budget. Certainly, custom website design and pages in the social network will differ the resources. And you have to decide, do you have enough resources for maintain a site. For the promotion on social media for the first time, internet access will be enough. But revenues also will differ. That’s why you have to take into account all possible nuances.
  • It’s an important source, which can inform you how your business activity is effective. Site owners receive data on traffic patterns, user behavior, conversions, and other parameters from analytical services of search engines or using specialized tools. Community owners can use the reports provided by the social network as an information base.
  • At last but not least: ownership. A page on a social network only conditionally belongs to its creator. In fact, it is like the entire network is the property of developers, a representative or representative of persons. The site belongs only to the business owner and depends only on his decisions.
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The best website design for your business

Custom website design for business: advantages and disadvantages

If you decide to develop a custom website design for your business project, you’ll receive some benefits. Here are the main of them.

  1. Design and functionality. Custom website design plays an important role in promotion and success. The competitive struggle reaches a different level, when one more “strong player” is added to the price component, quality, and service – content, functionality, and convenience of the web resource from the users’ point of view of and search engines.
  2. Duration of the promotion effect. Measures taken to increase positions in search results, increase traffic, conversions and achieve other goals are usually long-term. Therefore, the effectiveness of their use is often higher.
  3. Wide coverage of the audience. A website owner can work with users of the entire Internet space, and not just any part of it. The target audience is limited only at its request and depends on the intermediate and final goals, the characteristics of the company itself, and the business niche.
  4. Effective analytics. Search engine services provide a lot of useful information on various parameters. On its basis, you can build an SEO-promotion strategy, choose a development policy and make predictions. External analytics services also offer additional data and capabilities.
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Create webdesign

  1. A website is suitable for unique and expensive products. Jewelry, real estate or special equipment can be successfully sold on our websites, but not on social media.
  2. A website owner can use any elements and implement any ideas for design and functionality, limited only by technical capabilities. Moreover, decisions depend only on his will, goals, and desires.
  3. Finally, the universality of the website. Your website as an Internet platform for development and income generation is suitable for any business. You can reach the desired target audience, sell various products and services, distribute any legal information.

Disadvantages of custom website for your business

  1. Investment is important. Even the simplest site (landing page for example) requires significant investment in it for development and promotion.
  2. You have to pay for a domain, for site development to a website development company, setting up effective usability, preparing content, placing ads, etc. The amount of investment depends on your business niche, competition, goals, and other factors. Website maintenance is an important point in your business plan.
  3. A long promotion period. You need time for promotion your new website in the searching algorithms. It’s important to reach your audience and to attract new consumers. The speed of SEO promotion depends on many factors and the effect cannot be instantaneous.
  4. The importance of knowledge of programming and promotion skills. If you are a site owner, it’s not important for you to be an expert in programming, but basic knowledge of HTML should have. If it’s so, you’ll have an opportunity to control website developers and make adjustments to their work.

What about a social media page? Pros and cons

Promoting business on social media is easier. You can make most of the work yourself and do not need to involve developers. There are \options to spend money using advertising. You don’t need to learn programming, design or get professional skills. It is enough to follow understandable instructions of the network, which you choose for your business.

quickly create a website or landing page

  • Easy to use. You can add elements and edit information fast and without any external professionals and additional knowledge.
  • Your information is spreading fast. If you make a new post, it will appear at the news fees immediately. If you reach your audience, it will repost and your information and it will reach more potential customers in a short time.
  • An open relationship with the audience. Social media users comment, repost, and share posts, which are interesting for them. You can make polls, add text and visual content about your business and get a quick response.
Problems with promoting your business on social media
  • You always depend on the developer of the resource. Administration of social media, with you choose for promotion, can change policy rules and you cannot control it. If a social network ceases to exist, then all pages, communities, chats, and other elements created in it will be inaccessible.
  • Uniformity and limited services. That’s why almost all business pages in one social network look similar. You can’t use some special design elements or features.
  • All entrepreneurs have access to the same services. You won’t be able to install external applications either.
  •   Your audience is limited. Every social network has its special audience. And in promoting your business you can reach only this kind of user. This is a problem for lots of companies, which have special products and services for wide audience. As we can see, social networks for business promotions have several advantages and disadvantages as well.
Why a custom website design for business project is a good idea? 

It’s impossible to make a universal decision for business for all kinds, is it important to develop a website. But if you want to create a stable business project, a website with good functionality will be important for you. If your business idea assumes coverage of a wide audience and you are ready to spend some budget for reaching your goals, you have to use e-commerce website development. With help of it, you can receive payments directly through the site.

How to make a website?

How to start the development of the website for your business? In some situations, you can do it by your own, especially if you have knowledge and skills of programming and advertising. If not, it’s better to work with the website development company. It will help you to reach your goals in a proper time and with optimal costs.




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