SEO company myths in 2021 and how to overcome them?

katya 23.09.2021

SEO company is really important for your business growth. It helps businesses to earn maximum traffic and conversions. You can drive most business to you and lead the market. There are lots of myths about SEO. If you’re a new site owner, you can hardly know, to trust them or not. In this article, we will tell you, what information about SEO is true and what is false.

10 main myths that hinder your business and SEO 

  1. Nobody read the text. It’s only important to put a lot of “clickable” requests in it. If you include a request in every paragraph, you’ll be on top. But it is not really so if you work with an SEO company. First of all, any text on your site should be for people (readers), and afterward – for search engines. How to write good text both for SEO and users?
  2. An unstructured text, in which there I no logic, but only a set of keywords no one wants to read definitely. As a result, instead of top positions, you’ll receive visitors’ dissatisfaction and even a downgrade of your site. Humans can quickly gauge concepts in texts. It is harder for machines to do it. But several optimally-placed keywords can work wonders really. Search algorithms can find them and your website easily.
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    SEO company is not magic!

  3. It’s magic – SEO optimization. Long time ago even electricity had been considered magic, but now we use it every day. This myth was generated by SEO specialists or the best local SEO company. SEO is a clear tool, the competent handling of which leads to certain results. By following changes in algorithms, your target audience and using effective promotion elements, you can become an SEO magician and influence search results.
  4. SEO is expensive. You need lots of money to make effective SEO for your site. It all depends not on the amount of investment, but on the return that this or that method of project development can bring. If you work with a local SEO services company, you’ll the result very soon. Just search “SEO company near me”.
  5. Making SEO requires a long time. In some situations that’s true. For example, if you work not regularly and “from time to time”. In other situations, a month of hard work is enough to make your site working better with searching algorithms. And it’s important 2-3 hours of work for SEO per day for the best local SEO company. So, if you work regularly, good results will come soon.
  6. It’s impossible to move a new site into a top. One of the most popular myths about SEO optimization, which scares off business owners. Partly this is true. But just partly. And it’s not so much about age as about the content. Yes, a well-optimized site with interesting articles and unique visual content will be more popular, than a new one. But it’s doesn’t mean a new website has no chances at all.
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    What do you need to know about links in SEO

  8. Links don’t work. It’s untrue. There are two main rules of SEO promotion:
  • Not only links to your site “works”
  • Not all links are effective.

You have to pay attention to both of them, and it will make your recourse effective. These are important refinements that do not negate the need for link building. It’s just that in 2021, ranking algorithms are increasing the importance of quality as opposed to quantity. Organic links posted on sites with a good reputation that are related to the subject matter are an indicator of the importance of a site for search engines. In addition, they can become an additional source of traffic. The small business SEO company will help you.

9.  SEO it’s only about links. In SEO, just one tool cannot work. This is a set of tools and special methods that help make the site more popular and useful. It is impossible to bring the site to the TOP by links only, remember this. San Diego SEO company may help you with proper links to make your site more popular. For great increase in a number of inbound links, search engines can impose filters. Therefore, they need to be placed smoothly and gradually, paying special attention to the quality of the donors (platforms).

quickly create a website or landing page

One more popular myth is “Landing site is enough for promotion”. A one-page site is a good option for advertising a specific product using Google Ads. But for SEO promotion and development of the entire Internet project in the long term, this format is not suitable. The landing format or any one-page website will not allow you to fully develop the topic, provide all the maximum information, implement all possible ways to attract and retain users.

More pages is better?

The opposite myth, also wrong as a previous one. Effective SEO isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality. Multiplying pages for the sake of quantity is not worth it. What is important is a clear and understandable user-friendly site structure, competent optimization of each page, high-quality content filling, and the correct selection of requests.

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10. The last but not least – SEO it’s only about positions. There is no sense to be in the TOP of search engine results if the site does not convert visitors into customers. It is a tool that allows you not only to improve the position of a resource but also to make it more useful and attractive to visitors, which means it can increase loyalty and the number of sales.

Important pint

Finally, if you know about these main myths about SEO and don’t use them in your practice, you can do your best in the optimization of your web resource.


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