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How to create the best website for your business?

katya 15.10.2021

How to create a website for your business? Every business owner wants to have the best one for users to promote goods and services. Maybe you are among them. If this question is actual for you, read the article below.


Important information about how to create a website

What you have to know first of all – no one website is ideal, but you can make a good one. The main points of a site should be the quality of content and usability. If your website has interesting content and is user-friendly, you’ll be at the top and users will become your customers. Here you’ll find important points on how to make your site better.

Three steps of website improvement: a way for your success

  1. Pay attention to your competitors when creating a website. You need to understand with whom the struggle for leadership is being waged. In the incognito tab, open your search engine and see which sites are in the TOP for your targeted queries. Make a list of direct competitors from organic results and separately from the contextual advertising block.
  2. The second step: an audit. In different spheres, there are different rules of content management and design, but there are some general evaluation criteria. They help you become the best among your competitors. You can distribute them into several blocks:
  • Design and external communication, informative aspect, mobile adaptation;
  • Personal emotions after visiting the site (create a website) – do you like it from your point of view?
  • Opportunity to place an order in a few seconds, contact an operator or perform any other targeted action on the site;
  • And one more important point: lack of intrusive ads and flashing elements.
  • Site navigation – how simple and comfortable for the user it is;
  • Simple menu and clickability of functional elements;
  • Consistency and simplicity of categories and subcategories;
  • If it is an online shop – is it comfortable to use the basket and its’ convenience.
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3. Content of the website, which you create: it is worth a separate item. If you decide to create a website, you have to pay attention to these options.

  • Useful, relevant and structured texts in different sections / services;
  • Interesting blog, its design and regularity of publications;
  • Readability and contrast of fonts;
  • Availability and quality of visual content: pictures, photos, videos, 3D models, infographics;
  • Design of the pages “About the Company”, “Employees”, “About the author of articles”;
  • Relevant and diverse contact information in a prominent and expected place: in the header, footer, in a separate field “Contacts”;
  • Correct and clear product cards: description, characteristics, photos, video;
  • Availability and naturalness of reviews. It’s important to create a new website.

What else about how to create a website?

If you drive innovations, they will help you to be among the leaders. How to create a website, which will be better than others in your segment?

Innovation matters when you create a website

You have to make a plan of improvement and follow it. Prepare a clear plan with a description of what you want to see in the end, and pass it on to a programmer, designer, copywriter in accordance with the nature of the required changes. Part of the work you can do on your own, for example, prepare high-quality photos and videos, arrange articles beautifully and fill out product cards.

How to create a website

How to become the best one in the digital world?

There are the elements, you should include in your site, created on WordPress or another popular platform.

  • You should make all pages and elements of the resource responsive for mobile devices of different formats; switch to the secure HTTPS protocol in order to protect users’ data;
  • To maximize the speed of loading pages and individual objects.
  • And one more important aspect: switch to the secure HTTPS protocol in order to protect user data.

    How to create the best website

If you implement these three points, you site will be better than many others in your segment. If you are interested in “how much does it cost to create a website” which will be a leader among others, read other new articles and follow their advice.


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