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Get your single or multi-page WordPress website from $ 199 (one time payment)

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    24/7 support 

    how to create a wedding website6 months free hosting

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How to create a website with us?

We are the Nixwood – enthusiast web design and development company. This is the easiest and the cheapest way to create a website or landing page. We will do all the work for you.

  • Step 1

    View our WordPress website design examples and choose One

  • Step 2

    Go through a concise online survey. It will take about 3 minutes.

  • Step 3

    Based on your preferences, we will create a website for you in 24 hours

WordPress website design examples

Please choose an example that will be a prototype for your future site

  • how to create a news website

    Online sales / providing information / retail / awareness spreading tool
    One time payment$199
  • create restaurant website

    Professional services / brand promotion / personal brand
    One time payment$199
  • create dynamic website

    Beauty salon / brand promotion / online sales / production
    One time payment$199

Why we are the best and the cheapest way to create a website?

  • Tried using top free website builders near me but failed?

    Cheap website builders promised the best price website but failed?It took you a little budget initially, but in a long time perspective, the price was very high? The Nixwood team will use WordPress classic editor to create landing page or site for you. No hidden fees. You pay $ 199 one time, and you get a complete working website.

  • Why are we faster and affordable than the average cheap website builder price?

    Our goal is to change the web design status quo! We organized all the processes better than other website development agencies. Nixwood works as a small WordPress web developer factory. Competitors work as artisans, and we work like factory.

  • Seize this best WordPress website design price on the market!

    Average website development agencies will charge at least $500 for WordPress web design services. The cheap website builder is not so cheap because of hidden commissions and fees. Use our fair website development price offer. Pay only one time and get the most exclusive website in 24 hours. It is best price of website.

How to create a website from scratch using HTML with Nixwood?

Why your website will be the best on the market?

  • best blog website builder
    • Professionals will create landing page in WordPress or a website. You don’t have to go into all the details;
    • the latest WordPress Gutenberg engine;
    • fast download speed;
    • full security and safety updates;
    • easy to make any changes or add more pages;
    • full site or landing page optimization tools for search engines as Google or Bing;
    • 6 months of superfast & secure NIXWOOD hosting for free.
How to create a website and make money online?
  • First, order a website from the Nixwood web designing studious and you will receive:

    • full integration with instant messengers (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.);
    • pop-up banners for promotions;
    • custom banners for your blog page;
    • high loading speed that keeps your customers on your site;
    • easily customizable forms and buttons;
    • 100% perfect looking on any device;
    • integration of all online payment systems.
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What will be included in the Nixwood website development price – $199?

  • 100% adaptive website

    NIXWOOD websites’ adaptive design looks great on any device – laptop, phone, or tablet. Your landing page WordPress will be 100% responsive.

  • Fast download speed

    NIXWOOD websites and landing pages optimized to perform a high download speed even on slow devices and internet connection. 

  • High website conversion rate

    We have marketing profs and perfectly know what you need to have a selling website or landing page. We make a higher than average website conversion rate. 

  • Easy to edit website

    Our WordPress website design examples based on the latest version of the famous WordPress classic editor. Your granny will cope with editing either!

  • 6 month free hosting

    We make your website or landing page and give you a present! 6 months of free fast and safe hosting. WordPress updates will come automatically.

  • 24/7 support and tutorials

    If you need support or any site improvements, just drop us a message, and our team will help you. Your admin panel will be so easy that you may edit the site by yourself.

How NIXWOOD differs from cheap website builder and other webdesigner company?

  • website design and development

    WordPress website created by profi

    Cheap website builder as Wix or Tilda are too complicated to get a good website from a technical viewpoint. A pretty looking site is not the same as great selling and fully SEO optimized site. You need to spend a lot of time on that top free website builders near me with no guarantees of getting the proper result.

    Why lose time? The Nixwood WordPress web design company creates a turnkey website for you just in 24 hours.

  • wordpress website examples

    Updates and new features automatically

    We monitor the market, trends, and technologies. Just stay on our hosting and get all the updates and new selling features by default. All-new features are automatically installing on all Nixwood websites and landing pages. And then it is your decision to use them or not.

    The technical features of your website always work properly and update by default. Create a landing page in WordPress with us.

  • wix landing page examples

    Safety and backups for your site

    Our WordPress web design agency has created a perfect hosting solution for all Nixwood websites and landing pages. You get the access to Nixwood platform to manage your websites from your secure account when buying your website or landing page from us.

    We have a special team that provides all server optimization works along with safety & backups for all websites hosted on our side.

Nixwood enthusiast web design and development company’s team

freelance web developer near me

Much better than a freelance web developer near me

We created web developer jobs and involved the best WordPress website designers in the USA. 

Our web developer company is simply the best and the cheapest way to create a website or a product landing page in WordPress.

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