Meet our WordPress website development company’s incredible team

WordPress website development company

Nixwood will create the best website or landing page for you because we have a fantastic WordPress website development company team.

These young and enthusiastic people will work for you. They are much better than freelance web developers or WordPress web designers that you may find somewhere on the internet.

Nixwood is WordPress agency number one. We have the best web developer jobs, that is why your website or landing page will be great.


Our business website development facts

  • 240

    Most exclusive websites and better than Wix landing pages

  • 9

    Weebly vs WordPress web designers and developers

  • 479

    Days from the start in website design and development

  • 2

    Offices for website development consulting

How we organize the WordPress website development company’s work?

Our profs’ team develops your site from scratch. We create new pages, new pictures, pick photos, and write unique texts for your website. You can count on us. Our price is less expensive and much more trustworthy than from unknown freelance web developers you can never control. It is easier and faster to get the job done with Nixwood. We are online 24/7 to assist or to solve any task about your website or landing page.

You are lucky because Nixwood is the #1 WordPress website development company. Website design and development is our business. We are the best website development consultants.

Values of our WordPress agency


    We are optimizing all the processes to reach the ideal project flow. It gives us a power to serve clients’ requests fast and keep reasonable pricing with a small but very effective WordPress web designer team.


    Our clients deserve easy, transparent, trustful, effective websites to grow their businesses and brands. We do assist 24/7 and ready to go an extra mile for clients’ success. This is much easier than to search a web developer near me.


    Digital solutions get old, grow and develop very fast, our passion is implementing the innovations as soon as they are verified as trustful and valuable for our client’s websites. WordPress classic editor is in the past.

Meet our WordPress website development company

These are the best website development consultants. You will get the best ide for website development. 

  • Yana Matviychuk

    Yana Matviychuk


  • Max Sitailo

    Max Sitailo

    Senior Brand Strategist

  • Yulia Gulevych

    Yulia Gulevych

    Marketing and Sales Director

Our programmers and web developers

Weebly vs WordPress, Shopify vs WordPress? Just order a website or landing page from Nixwood and you will get the best on the market.

  • Roman Tkachuk

    Roman Tkachuk

    Senior Frontend Developer

  • Artem Sivak

    Artem Sivak

    Full Stack Developer

  • Daria Potapenko

    Daria Potapenko

    Senior Content Manager

Nixwood’s WordPress web designers

Your future site will be beautiful and sexy looking on any device and screen size. Those WordPress web designers know what to do.

  • Anton Fedulov

    Anton Fedulov

    Sales Advisor

  • Ihor Zolotarenko

    Ihor Zolotarenko

    Senior Product Designer

  • Anastasia Polukhina

    Anastasia Polukhina

    Graphic Designer

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