How to make money on traffic

How to make money online from home

Alena Porokh 16.11.2021

Open yourself to a world of technologies. Thank God we have internet where we can start creating our “airbag.” That is when you can ask: how to make money online from home.
Let’s start from the very beginning. What did our ancestors do for a living? First and foremost, they worked hard. For example, at the beginning of the 20th century, some Cowboys hunted buffalos, others gold, some of them were lucky enough to become rich, but mostly they became farmhands who just struggled to survive. Do you know what is the great news here? We live in the 21st century, and we have the internet. The only thing we will have to kill here is our laziness. You work hard in a fast-changing modern environment, and the only thing you may dream of is to have an airbag just in case of a wreck. Stop panic, breath, and reboot.

How to make money online from home

Let’s learn how to make money online on traffic: everyone can be an entrepreneur in 2021

The first step to your own internet business is to choose the goods or services you may offer online;
The second step is to build your website or online shop with Blog;
And finally, get traffic there.
We all heard the mysterious abbreviation “SEO”, but do we get that we can attract the main tool that will bring us closer to our goal – to start getting money via the internet. So, first, get traffic to your website, then get any brand. The Magic wand SEO will help you to settle this quest.

Let’s find out what Internal and External SEO optimization is and how they may help us attract organic traffic.

Internal SEO optimization

How to bring search engines to make a good conclusion about your website and reduce your budget for promotion by making your website by rules:
To make the correct size from the very beginning. Carefully consider the structure, site section, build user flows, depending on the competitor’s research made and your target audience;
Analyze semantic site core with the help of Ahrefs, Serpstat, SE Ranking, etc. Write unique texts and use all keywords. The more expert articles you write in your Blog, the better site ranking you’ll get from the search engines;
Use only meta-tag keywords depending on the semantic core you got for your website. Define all the ALT attributes and use unique photos;
Make interlinking all over your website to create good effect the internal site optimization;
Put to your website share buttons to all social media you have;
Check all the URL pages. They should be understandable and readable.

quickly create a website or landing page

How to earn money

External SEO optimization

TOP SEOs believe in external links. They are sure that links may bring the main traffic to your site and get you to the desirable TOP-10 in search results. Because external links are considered to be more stable and easy to measure. So what’s the mechanism of getting the external links. You should put the inviting link to your site wherever you can, but only on the trustworthy resources (so-called donors): social media, different marketplaces, high-ranked websites, forums, online communities, blogs. The more you’ll have external links, the better. Just keep in mind that quantity doesn’t replace quality.


What is the easy way to get traffic

SMM Target Ads VS Search Engine. We vote for Search Engines and organic traffic. Yes, it takes time, but what’s a hurry. We agreed on creating an airbag for your main life activity, and you don’t want to develop a website just for fun. A good website is like wine. It should be aged. The longer your domain exists, the more traffic you get from search engines.
As to Social Media – a big budget for promotion doesn’t equal good results. And you should always create posts and stories here. It takes a lot of time and effort. Otherwise, you will lose followers. A website with a Blog is steady work over your expert articles and content, but you do this from time to time in no hurry. Everything you wrote even a year ago continues to work to your benefit. Just use the right keywords.

Meet new partners online

Affiliate Marketing 

Remember, Blog is the epoch trend that brings you to the ideal place: to earn your expert opinion. The only thing to do is show people that you are an expert.

Using the Affiliate Marketing tool is the source of getting your reward for giving expert advice to use that particular service. That’s why you need followers so that they value your opinion and your Blog as an expert one. So they will follow the link and buy the product. You will get your reward for advice and assistance in conversion.

There are a lot of websites and marketplaces that allow participating in their affiliate program. % of the amount spent by your follower varies depending on the partner. In our next article, we will advise what affiliate programs are better to choose.

quickly create a website or landing page

And that is the real tip for you on how to get to your extra earning. What do you need to become a part of affiliate marketing? Not much, actually:

  • Domain;
  • Blog;
  • Selling website;
  • Engaging Content.

How to build a website that is just fine

If you think you can do it yourself, we’ll say yes, and you can try if you feel like trying. Or maybe you believe that hiring a guy/girl from freelance is enough to make a website that corresponds to all SEO requirements. Then one person that builds your website should be a one-person band:

  • a researcher
  • a programmer
  • an SEO expert
  • a designer
  • a copywriter
  • a usability tester

Really? All-in-one? To make money online with the help of a website means to create it properly at once. Nixwood web agency – we take responsibility for our work. Our team is ready to create a website that will follow your philosophy and present you as an expert to your possible followers in the right way. Our team is a Superhero. We will build your website from $199 for 24h. Let’s do it.


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