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WordPress Website Development + Minimal Improvement Method = Success!

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For every entrepreneur, the volume of sales is the main criterion for the growth and prosperity of his business. In this article, using the example of one world story, we will show how the Method of Minimal Improvement can make an incredible increase in your sales and increase your conversion at times. To do this, you need a site on the WordPress platform and adherence to just a few points. So let’s go, find out about WordPress website development,

The incredible story of David Brailsford. WordPress website development

In 2010, British cycling coach David Brailsford was tasked with solving a very serious problem: getting at least one British cyclist to win the competition.

By now you might be thinking, «What does this have to do with WordPress website development»? Believe me, the most direct. Read this story to the end – it’s extremely interesting.

So, I must say that not a single cyclist of this team has ever won the Tour de France in history. So the problem was more than serious. However, Brailsford managed to find a solution.

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He assumed that if he could improve at least 1% in each aspect, then the cumulative result of many of these small improvements would be significant. He took up the implementation of this plan.

First of all, Brailsford’s assistants determined which aspects could hypothetically influence the result – and there were quite a few of them, although each of them was very insignificant in itself. And Brailsford set about studying and improving each of them.

The Brailsford team

The Brailsford team began to improve everything that came to their hand and could hypothetically affect the speed of movement: frame configuration, tire weight, steering angle, seat shape, and so on. However, they did not stop there. After making every possible improvement to the bike, Brailsford took up the issue of improving the well-being of cyclists. A special pillow for sleeping, massage gel, hand washing products were developed … Dozens of factors were studied and for each of them Brailsford tried to make an improvement.

Brailsford believed that this approach would help to win the Tour de France in 5 years.

But he was wrong. For the first time, British cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins managed to win the Tour de France after 3 years.

Already in 2012, British cyclists managed to win 70% of gold medals at the Olympic Games, a year later, British cyclist Chris Froome won the Tour de France again.

What does the UK team’s story have to do with website creation?

The incredible success of David Brailsford’s team formed the basis of the method of minimal improvement. Its essence boils down to the fact that if you systematically begin to improve each aspect by 1%, then these small improvements in total will have a significant effect. And this applies to absolutely any sphere – not necessarily sports.

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At first glance, each of these aspects may seem so insignificant that they are usually simply overlooked. Equally, the improvement of each individual aspect by only 1% may not be noticeable at all. But if you systematically approach such improvements, the results will not be long in coming.

method of minimal improvements. How to be first

All of the above applies directly to WordPress web development as well.

How can the minimal improvement technique be used in WordPress website design?

A person uninitiated in WordPress web develpment issues may think that any page of any site is something single, integral and monolithic. But in fact, it rather resembles a Lego constructor. There can be dozens of details on a page, each of which performs its own function. And on a site-wide scale, there can be hundreds or even thousands of such details.

When looking at a page “upon the whole,” “in general”, it can be quite difficult to see how many small improvements can be made. But if you look at each of these details in isolation, ideas for possible improvements can become much clearer.

While WordPress website development and improving one particular detail, you may not notice any difference. But if you work with all the possible details, then the final difference will definitely be significant.

Of course, in order to improve some detail, this detail is initially required to be thoroughly studied from all sides. Construct hypotheses, how it can influence user behavior, test and build new ones again. Ultimately, such a painstaking study of every detail allows you to fully understand its essence and find a way to improve it with the help of WordPress website development in order to maximize its use.

Just one page

WordPress website development for any company involves the creation of a page «About us» (aka «about the company», aka «about the company», aka «about the shop», etc.). I must say, this is usually one of the most rarely visited pages on the site. Usually only a few percent of potential customers visit it. But this is all her cunning.

The creation of the «About Us» page is somewhat similar to the preparation of Japanese poisonous puffer fish. If you cook it incorrectly, it turns from an exquisite dish into a deadly poison that will “kill” that small percentage of potential customers who have visited it, and you will not even notice it. And this is due to the subtleties of human psychology.

Do you know why such pages do not attract, but repel? Because often the developers of WordPress web design, instead of leading the visitor to the necessary conclusions, they are imposed, they say, «We are very cool, have been on the market for a long time, customer-oriented and reliable. There is no one better than us. Order from us»! And they do it in a particularly harsh form. As a result, the visitor develops a natural defensive reaction. In other words, a conflict arises from scratch, where there is a company on one side of the barricades and a visitor on the other. And what will happen as a result of such a conflict? That’s right – the visitor will simply leave, and the company will lose a potential client.

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How can we get rid of this conflict? Everything is quite simple: you need the visitor to conclude by himself: «The company is very cool, has been on the market for a long time, customer-oriented and reliable. There is no one better than her. And it is worth ordering from her».

How to do it? It’s simple: when you do WordPress web development, you need to give the visitor information NOT about the company, but how the needs of this visitor can be satisfied and what benefits he can get from cooperation with this particular company.

If the visitor at first glance realized that he can get here what he needs, and even with a benefit for himself, then he himself will conclude: «The company is very cool …»

And it would seem, at first glance, such a trifle – a page that is very rarely visited. But as we see, with a deeper study of the issue, it turns out that the fish, although small, is really poisonous. But if you fix this «little thing», then you will not lose clients.

Just one button

We thought: what if some places on the site are slightly better for the “Order” button than others? We started testing this guess and it turned out that it is!

It may seem to you that you are looking at the monitor and see everything that is there at once. But in reality, this is not at all the case. In fact, the human brain is able to simultaneously perceive only about 2% of what is displayed on the monitor. At the same time, a person looks at some parts of the monitor much more often and more than at others.

Accordingly, if the order button is located where a person looks more often and for a longer time, then it is likely that the number of people who will click it will be 1% more than if it is located in a less suitable place.

It would seem what a trifle! But it really is.

Varieties of buttons buy

By developing a WordPress website design and placing the order button in the most appropriate place, we provide the website owner with a tiny but still increase in conversion. This may seem insignificant or imperceptible in percentage terms on a single day scale, but in real terms on a year scale it may already be noticeable.

Just one photo

You might say, «A smile is always good». But no. A smile is only good when it is appropriate. And the developer of WordPress web design must know this, because there are many situations when it is frankly inappropriate and even harmful.

Let’s take a lawyer’s website as an example. Have you ever wondered why people even go to the websites of lawyers? – do they need lawyers?

No, if a person went to a lawyer’s website, this first of all indicates that this person has an unsolved problem. And this problem torments him at the moment. And when something torments you, do you like it when people around you smile and laugh? You may be personally indifferent to this, but research shows that more than 45% of people begin to feel annoyed when something weighs down on them, and others are having fun.

So just imagine: a person comes with his problem to a lawyer’s website, sees a completely inappropriate smile and it starts to annoy him. What can this lead to? That’s right – to the fact that the person will try to get rid of the source of irritation, that is, he will close this site and go to another lawyer.

And it would seem, at first glance, such a trifle – a photo of a lawyer. But as we can see, if you investigate the issue deeper, it turns out that if you do not pay attention to this «trifle» while developing WordPress web design, it will lead to a significant drop in conversion.

Just one digite

The main problem with young companies is that they are young. Few people want to contact «young, successfully developing companies».

«Oh, they are only a couple of years old» – the visitor thinks and goes to those who have been working for 5 years. Is there any way to fix this? Certainly! And when developing a WordPress website design, it is very, very easy to do.

The thing is that there is no difference at all how long a company has existed: 1 day or 10 years. It doesn’t matter at all. The main thing in this matter is whether its employees will be able to professionally fulfill the assigned task. That is, the appeal goes to the experience of specific people and not to the company as such.

Let’s think logically. The man worked as a designer for 20 years, implemented 200 projects, and then created his own design company. Will he perform worse now because his company is only one day? Of course not!

WordPress website development

Therefore, it is extremely simple to solve the problem of the company’s youth: there is no need to mention its “age” at all. Instead, focus on the experience of its employees as much as possible. A visitor who sees that employees have 5-10 years of practical experience behind them will not even be interested in how old the company is.

Therefore, adding just one number under the employee’s photo – the number of years of experience – can improve the conversion by even significantly more than 1%.

Just two points

You probably had to enter on sites more than once, for example, the date of birth or the desired date of receipt of the goods. Do you remember what it looks like?

Like this: 01.01.2001 Right?

So, when developing WordPress web design, you can leave the date field completely empty, and the user will have to enter these two dots on their own after the date and month. But it often happens that the user can make a mistake with a button and type a comma instead of a period – they are located next to each other. If such an error occurs, then the user will have to correct this error, remove the comma and re-enter the period.

It would seem what a trifle! But the user spends at least one second on this trifle. Who knows what can happen in this second? For this extra second, which the user will spend on entering the date correctly, he may change his mind about purchasing the product or something may distract him, or the Internet may disappear and the user will not have time to place an order…

You will say, but this is so unlikely! Yes, on the scale of one visitor and one day, this is unlikely. But what if you look at the situation in terms of the entire audience of visitors and year of time? Now this probability is not so small.

site traffic growth graph

How should a WordPress website developement team act to improve the situation by 1%? The answer is obvious: to make the form for entering the date so that the point is already there, and the user only needs to type in the numbers. And this again can allow one iota to improve the conversion!

What’s the bottom line?

We have given only 5 examples of what little things can affect the conversion of the site and, accordingly, the profitability of the company that owns this site. In fact, there are hundreds of such little things, sometimes even thousands. To describe each of them, it would probably take the publication of a whole book.

On the other hand, talking about all the little things we know and how to improve them is probably not worth it – whatever one may say, but this is our trade secret, which allows us, using the theory of minimal improvements in WordPress web design, to create websites for our clients that bring they have more income than sites created by competitors who do not pay attention to the little things. Find out how to make effective website here



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