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Make a Business Website in 24 Hours or Less!

Roman 26.08.2020

When you are starting your WordPress blog or website for the first time, the idea of it can be very exciting. But the next step – making it work and converting your efforts to money – may seem quite hard at first glance. Actually, there is nothing you should be afraid of if you are ready to pay attention to details and follow the newest digital trends. You can make a business website effective if you follow all the necessary steps. We are at Nixwood do WordPress websites every day for our clients and friends. Today we want to help you to reach your digital goal!

Read the guide!

You can find many articles on creating a website all over the internet. But when you make a business website you need to have an illustrated guide that you can follow step-by-step. You’ll spend one or two hours learning about the process of creating and then you’ll be unstoppable! 

make your website

Instructions for creating a website

Get a Domain and Hosting Platform to Make a Business Website

This task seems hard when you make a business website as your website should demonstrate all the business advantages and reflect its reputation, but don’t be scared. You need to come up with your website name! We understand that the biggest part of the cool names is already taken, but that’s life and you need to choose from what is left. But please, don’t overthink it. The worst scenario is if you start thinking about your domain name 24/7 for a month or two. Pick the name that the domain platform suggests and everything will be fine. 

quickly create a website or landing page


And most domains that provide you names can offer to host services as well. For example, if you need to make a business website based on a WordPress platform, you can check out Bluehost or WP Engine. Also, there are plenty of hosting providers all over the internet. Pick the one that covers your needs and continue working.

 Make a website on hosting

Choose hosting and make your own website

Each hosting service gives you several plans to choose from. Basically, you need to pay for their services. In most cases, you pick the time period you want to work with this hosting provider. 


What you have to consider when choosing a hosting service:

  • download speed for your future website
  • support services and fast response time from the service
  • frequency of software updates
  • website space
  • possibility to integrate corporate emails.


You can just start with any hosting service, choose the basic plan, subscribe for 1 or 2 months, test it, and change or upgrade it depending on the performance. Hosting is a very important part of your website performance but quite easy to shift.


quickly create a website or landing page

It is an essential step when you make a business website so complete the task and move further!

Choose a WordPress theme to make your business website profitable

When you have your domain and the hosting is working, it’s time to liberate your creative part of the soul and complete it with your business vision. When you make a business website, you create something new and special, so it’s a creative process. Especially when it comes to choosing a WordPress theme for the website. 


We recommend WordPress as the most popular CMS on the Internet. 


At the same time your theme has to be appropriate for your target audience and actions you want people to do on your business website. Nice pics and stunning videos attract attention, but think twice whether they sell as much?


In other words, please consider the modern web design and user interface trends to make a business website as good looking as converting.


You can find fancy themes all over the internet, but we recommend you to get a commercial theme. In this case, you’ll be sure that you won’t see much of this website across the internet.

make a personal website

Choose a theme and make your own website

Remember, that you need to choose a responsive and SEO-friendly website theme. We understand that you want to make your business website as fancy as you can, but don’t forget about its usability, please! Websites with fewer elements on the page attract more visitors since they don’t have to think much about where they should click.


More than 65% of internet traffic goes to mobile devices, so consider mobile web design as serious as desktop one or even better.


After picking a theme, you should customize your website. Pick some widgets and plugins, change colors if needed, and do everything you can and want. But don’t overthink your design when you make a business website!

Testimonials and reviews

When you run a business or when you work with any kind of person, you need to think about testimonials. They influence the decisions of your blog readers or customers if you run a website. 


Think to yourself, when you go online to buy something or search for some kind of service, what do you do except reading about products? Right, you check the reviews that other users have left. Such reviews make each decision easier to make and create a bond between you and your client.


When you make a website, make sure to leave a place for testimonials. And when you have some clients or buyers, ask them to leave a review. 

 add reviews to the website

reviews on your website

We have integrated a feature for NIXWOOD websites for offering some discounts from our clients’ websites if buyers leave a review or post their purchase to social media. Try to implement some features for posting reviews and rating your products or services on your business website.


Once again, reviews are an essential and priceless tool that can bring you new customers. So don’t skip this part.

Add some content

When you make a business website, it is important to add as much content as you can. Of course, you’ll add more any time you want, but make sure there is enough content for people to check out and feel trust in your company’s services or products. Also, if it is a blog, make sure you post regularly. Creating basic content won’t take much time, but plan your time and efforts to develop your site content as your business grows.  


You could share your thoughts online, become an educator, influencer, connect with others, promote yourself, create an online portfolio, and more! Each way is your potential chance to get good traffic and new clients, the price is the consistent quality of content you create. 


When you make a website, keep in mind your final result and aims. What do you want to say about such work? What and who is it for? Such questions and answers will help you to be honest with yourself and bring important and reasonable content to the world.

24 hours is enough!

24 hours is really enough to make a business website if you have done your home task excellently! Hard to believe, but we’ve done so many times. If you hesitate a bit or don’t have enough time to dig into technical and digital libraries, evaluate web design trends, and so on, Nixwood can help you to reach the goal within 24 hours without any significant efforts from your side! Our team creates everything you need – hosting, domain registration, content, and all the technical and marketing features to collaborate with your clients. 


make your website

We will make a high-quality website for you

The Internet gives the power of thought-sharing to everyone, so why don’t you use it? You can earn more money if you put enough effort into your core business leaving website creation, design, and maintenance to our team. 


Start your new business website and get more sales on the Internet already today.


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