How will website design for law firms affect business profitability?

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The main problem of many law firms, which hinders their successful development, is the loss of potential clients. Why do law firms often lose hot clients and how does this relate to website design? – we will tell about this.

How does the success of a company depend on website design?

The success of any company, not necessarily law firms, always directly depends on the number of orders for its services. The more orders, the higher the income.

But the number of orders directly depends on how great is the ratio of the number of site visitors to the number of those who decided to use the services. First of all, this attitude is influenced, of course, by the design of the site itself.

A designer is primarily a psychologist, not a painter

Many aspiring designers are frankly mistaken, believing that they are painters, and their vocation is to create works of art and bathe in the glory of an admiring public. Alas, this is not the case.

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The main task of a person developing web design for law firms is to understand the psychology of the target audience. To understand what the visitor needs, what he feels and experiences at the moment when he gets to the site.

Only this approach will allow him to create a website, the visitors of which will turn from potential customers into real ones. But this is precisely the main goal for the site customer.

Therefore, remember: if you want to successfully run a business, then you need to entrust the development of the design of your site to a person who understands Internet psychology.


How will a person who needs legal assistance act?

Obviously, the user will go to a search engine and start looking for the required legal service. The search engine will offer him thousands of different sites of law firms that provide such services.

The user will most likely open several sites at once, maybe even several dozen. But so far, he has no idea which of the companies whose sites the search engine suggested to him is better.

Of course, the user will not immediately study in detail the content of each open site of a law firm to find out how good it is. First of all, he will be guided by ideas that have absolutely nothing to do with the experience or reputation of the company, otherwise it would take him too long.

So what is the first thing a user will pay attention to? That’s right – on the design.

quickly create a website or landing page

Why are the first few seconds the most important?

So, before the user’s eyes there are a couple of dozen sites of companies, from which he will need to choose one. Research shows that when a user has too many choices, they’ll go for group exclusion. This means that in the first step, the user will filter out a group of sites that he does not like. And in this first step, he will evaluate the design in order to close those sites that he visually did not like.

But stop! If the user does not like the design of your site, it means that you have lost a client, that the company will not provide services and will not work! This is definitely not good for business.

From the above, we can conclude that web design for law firms should be at least such that the user does not discard it at the very first step.

How does color gamut affect user behavior?

Studies show that sites in light colors are visually more pleasing to the eye. A dark background with white letters is perceived by the user much worse. It is definitely more difficult to read the inscriptions made with a light color on a dark background than dark inscriptions on a light one. And besides, blocks with important information may be lost against a dark background – the user may simply not notice them for the few seconds that he spends on the overall assessment of the site.

Thus, we can conclude that the website design for law firms should not contain light inscriptions on dark colors.

How rich can pages be?

Quite often (though not always) the user gets to the main page of the site. Therefore, often heads of law firms want the home page to contain as much information as possible that they think needs to be conveyed to a potential client. However, this is a mistake.

The main page should contain a minimum of information, but the most important. Do not forget that the user is still in “rating mode” of the site. And if he did not weed it out at the very first step of assessing the color gamut, this does not mean that he is already yours and he can already be loaded with large amounts of information, placing many different blocks.

In fact, in this step, the main task is to maximize the interest of the user, however, by doing this with a minimum of information. An interested user will automatically go to the desired section of the site to read. At the same time, an uninterested user will not read anything, even if the information is marked in the most conspicuous place on the home page.

From this it can be concluded that the developer of website design for law firms should take into account the degree of information saturation.


So, if we managed to accomplish the first two key tasks (not to alienate the user with a disgusting design and not overload him with information), we can assume that success is already close.

how-to-create-attractive-designs-for-law-firmsIf the color scheme of the site is pleasant enough for the eyes and the user is interested in that minimum of the most important information about the activities of a law firm, it is time to give him the opportunity to get acquainted with the nuances. For this, easy site navigation is critical, and web design for law firms must provide it.

The attention of the user should be presented with such key blocks of information as “About the company”, “Our team”, “Our achievements” and “Contacts”. Other sections, such as Our Publications, will also be helpful.

However, again, do not overload the user with an abundance of various blocks in which he can simply get lost. We must remember that the purpose of the site is not to tell everyone about everything, but to convince the visitor to use the services of the company. Accordingly, each section of the site, each of its blocks, each inscription should serve this sole purpose.

So what should be the website design for law firms in order to provide them with good profitability?

From what has been said, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  1. Website design for law firms should be developed taking into account the psychology of the target audience, their needs and requirements.
  2. The site should evoke a positive visual perception.
  3. Key pages of the site should be moderately saturated with information, not overload the user with an abundance of information blocks.
  4. All pages of the site, both individually and as a whole, should serve a single purpose – to persuade the visitor to order legal services on this particular site, ensuring the profitability of the customer’s business.

It is these principles that we are guided by when developing web design for law firms.


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