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Increase pofits from online store creating a website for your business

Daria 14.12.2020

Do you have your personal eCommerce web store that is also a place, where you can communicate with your customers? If not, creating a website for your business is one of the most important steps you do to evolve.

Have you though what brings you customers and loyalty during your practice? Well, each unique user checks out the website, orders a product or a service, and decides if he or she will come back. But their return is based on a service that an online website provides.

But remember, not each potential customer will be the customer, especially the loyal one. Web-surfers and window-shoppers are the thing and you can’t deal with it. Don’t get too sad about the bad conversion rates of your online website. And if you have some kind of a not-so-popular product or service, it will take time and patience to get up on google.

To connect with your audience while creating a website for your business you should pay attention to the target audience profile and take time while creating the most precise one. Such profile should include their age, social status, software and hardware possibilities, demographic, marriage status, and every possible piece of information that will provide you with their possible stoppers and triggers when it comes to buying. This also influences the online website design that will be useful for your clients.

quickly create a website or landing page

There is much more you can do to increase the conversion rates and get all the profit you want.

Creating a Website for Your Business Is Hard, but Brings Profit If Done Right

Creating a Website

Why Creating a Website for Your Business Is Hard

As soon as a potential client visits your website, he or she makes up the mind: does he or she like and understand this online website or not? And here you need to convince a random person that your product and service are the best! So make sure to invest in web development, since it will bring much more money in the future and cover all the expenses.

Also, it is crucial to understand that your brand, probably, is not very popular and recognizable yet. So yes, your reputation is based on your online website for several years before people start to recognize your name. Make sure a visitor can find all the necessary information about your brand and services without stressing out. Add some reviews if you have some and ask your customers to write reviews. You can also offer them some kind of a discount for a review. In such a way you get a nice review and a customer.

Add professional images and write a copy that is engaging and likable. The client has only eyes to fall in love with your product so make sure to create top-notch content. You can create videos as well, like unpacking, reviewing, using, etc. This will also increase the sense of reliance and will show the customer your patience about your business.

Add several product photos that you’ve done yourself and write about them passionately. The more information you write about the product, the more chances you have to sell the product or service and create a bond with your client.

Communication is the key, remember that. And it is not even important what kind of service or product you provide. Diapers, phones, computers, bags, clothing, etc. – the more you get involved in  the conversation – the better.

Sell a bag with pictures and copy. Show the customer that this is what will change a life, attract new nice people, and will work with every other piece in the wardrobe!

Web Development Touchstones Everyone Should Consider

 creating a website with Web Development

creating a website

Lots of people feel scared when writing down the credit card details on the internet. And we do understand them. No-one wants to give away money and time to some internet-gangsters. Make sure the development team pays extra attention to the payment section. Write about the security you provide your customers with. They will appreciate it and conduct payment without doubts.

quickly create a website or landing page

Also, note that many banks get transition fees each time a user buys something. If the number is too high, the user might ditch the shopping and visit another online website to get that shirt. For now, people trust PayPal a lot and it seems like it is the best option to implement when creating a website for your business.

Online website speed has to be as fast, as it can on every possible device out there in the world. If your online website loads for a long time, the client will exit the store and go to your competitor.

There are plenty of services to use to check the website speed. Web development agency NIXWOOD makes sure each website runs smoothly and fast so each client is satisfied with the experience.

Good navigation, high speed, quality photos, and engaging copy is the key to start your online website. Also, you can track where customers click and what they do on the website. This is how you can track issues and fix them according to the needs of your target audience. Great design makes users click where they have to click. Guide your customers, navigate them with visuals and text, and see how your conversion rates grow.

Think about using email marketing as one of the methods to get customers back to your website. For example, you can send a discount, notify about different deals, make sure the customer knows about new products and services, and also check whether all the stuff in the cart is available. This is the way to tell the customer that you have more to offer and ready to make the shopping experience smooth as peanut butter. Create the bond and use it to make your business work.

Emails, in some ways, work even better than social media and search. To create your mailing list is to set a plugin. It is a bit controversial practice since not every customer enjoys it, but, at the end of the day, it brings conversion and sales. And a subscriber can unsubscribe any time so there should be no problem with that.

Rates and reviews are crucial. We need to repeat ourselves here because before each purchase people read reviews. Several bad reviews just sabotage the whole product so you need to track reviews and create a safe environment where people share good reviews. The products with bad reviews don’t get sold, the products with good reviews – do.

Show the customer how many steps are there to achieve the desired result and where he or she currently is. There is not a single person that likes to spend much time when checking out the products.

And don’t forget about the call to action buttons! Tell the users what exactly you want from them. Don’t make them think twice when spending money at your store. Creating a website for your business is an art just as a right call to action button!

Web Development Agency NIXWOOD

WordPress offers all types of plugins when it comes to creating a website for your business! Reviews, subscriptions, email marketing, actions tracker, faq, live support, etc. Name it and WordPress had it! A web development agency, like NIXWOOD, knows them all, including the pros and cons of each plugin.

Web development agency NIXWOOD provides you with all the necessary information when it comes to creating a website for your business! We take care of each development step so you can work on your everyday task without diving into the website creation process for only 199$! NIXWOOD professionals know basically everything on WordPress so you don’t have to worry, hire extra advisors, etc.

We value your time and money so everything is done on time with no complications. Contact us and get your own WordPress website in less than 24 hours!


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