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How To Create A Selling Landing Page

Admin 07.08.2020

There is a special kind of web pages that serve exactly the purpose of the conversion. These are called landing or landing pages.

A visitor arrives at the landing page after clicking on an ad banner, ad or link from various sources. The purpose of the creation and existence of the landing page is to convince the visitor to take the action (Conversion Goal) required by the web marketer: fill out a questionnaire, leave contact information, make a purchase or conclude a service agreement.

It is necessary to immediately remember a few axioms:

  • landing or landing page is a highly targeted web page aimed at converting visitors;
  • landing pages are a continuation of an advertising campaign, not a site;
  • it’s work with different types of advertising traffic (PPC, CPM, CPA, PPV-media, video, etc.);
  • landing pages are high conversion;
  • landing page is NOT the home page of the site.

In this article, we will tell you how a landing page differs from other types of sites, what it is for, when to use it, how to create it, and how to make it perform its main function – to sell products or services.

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What is a landing page and how it differs from other types of sites

There are several types of websites for online business representation.

  1. The simplest of them is a business card site (specialist site). This is a small site that makes sense to do when you sell a narrow set of services of one specialist, there is not much information about your offer, it is not updated or is updated infrequently. For example, such a site is suitable for a private notary or lawyer, for a tutor, hairdresser or accountant.
  2. A corporate website (company website) is suitable when you have several products or services and more ambitious tasks: on it you can post a catalog of goods or projects, news and promotions, reviews, collect a customer base, regularly add useful articles and even organize online – registration for the services of specialists.
  3. Landing page is needed when you are focused on selling one service or one product. This is a one-page site that presents one specific service, promotion or one specific product. A landing page is a page with extremely clear information about what a company or entrepreneur is selling. Her task is focused on selling a product or obtaining contact details of a potential client in order to contact him later and complete the sale process.
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How landing pages can increase profits

A landing page may well work in parallel with an online store, when there is a task to increase the sales of a single product or to conduct a promotion. In this case, you can bring a separate product to the landing page and sell it directly from there, or direct customers from the landing page to the desired page of the online store. This combination will lead to better sales. And if you analyze the conversion, the correct landing pages usually show a higher conversion compared to online stores and corporate sites. In some businesses, landing pages are even better at selling than online stores themselves.

When selling complex high-tech goods to a non-professional audience (for example, servers for business), a landing page is more suitable, since another way of placing an order will not work. It is unlikely that most customers will be so knowledgeable about server configuration that they can independently select their characteristics, so they will need expert help. At the same time, the simplest landing page with a promise to build a server to order in exchange for a phone number is a completely working option for selling such a product.

What the landing page consists of. Its structure

Landing page looks like a one-page site consisting of separate semantic blocks, often extending several screens down, but without a branched structure. The landing page must clearly present the proposal and there is a call to action button: order/buy, or leave your phone number (we will call you back)…

You can get contact information in exchange for something valuable or useful to visitors – for example, a discount on a product, a free e-book, an additional service, or a bonus.

The structure of the landing page is usually standard, but may differ in some elements:

  • the first screen contains a unique selling proposition. It can be performed, for example, in the form of an attention-grabbing banner that gives an understanding of the essence of the proposal, and a call to action button. Below are the benefits of your offer, a description of the benefits that motivate customers to take advantage of it, and more detailed information about what you are selling. For better perception, this information is best presented in the form of lists;
  • next, be sure to place a description of the process of ordering and shipment of goods. Your customer must understand what will happen after he leaves you a request. For example: the manager will contact you within 1 hour, clarify the order and send it or the manager will contact you, send the contract, after an advance payment of 30%, the order will begin to be fulfilled;
  • there should be one more required block on the landing page – the actual contact information of the company that sells the product. Without this information, landing page conversions are reduced, as the page causes more suspicion among users due to frequent cases of online fraud. There may be other blocks on the landing page, for example, product quality confirmations and short reviews from satisfied customers.

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Two rules for a successful landing page

  1. The structure of the landing page provides for the presence of large, high-quality and attractive images. For these purposes, you should not just take them from search engines and post them, it is better to use photo banks, where you can download photos in good quality for free or for relatively little money.
  2. Fill in headings and meta tags correctly. Although landing pages themselves are poorly promoted in organic search results (they need to be advertised through contextual advertising), correctly filled meta tags will allow the search engine to understand what is presented on the page and, possibly, show the landing page in high positions in the search results.
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So what opportunities does this type of development offer?

1All the advantages of a landing page:

  • focus on a specific product or service;
  • ease of making a purchase in a couple of clicks;
  • implementation of instant consultation of clients without calls – through a convenient messenger;
  • mega-fast work of the site both on mobile devices and in the desktop version;
  • collecting a customer base for subsequent marketing campaigns;
  • the ability to read about a product/service in the blog and buy without returning to the main page – through banners.

2. The benefits of a full-fledged website:

  • the ability to fill the blog with articles with advertising interactive banners in them;
  • the ability to expand the site as the business develops;
  • secure purchase and online payment through international payment systems, which increases customer confidence in your company.

3. The professional approach of an experienced team:

  • professional development of your site from scratch;
  • setting up hosting for the most productive work of your site;
  • round-the-clock work and constant support.

4. Fast and low-cost development process:

  • the layout brief will not take you more than 60 minutes;
  • in 24 hours you can start advertising on social networks and receive orders;
  • the cost of our services can be found on the main page of this site.

5. And the icing on the cake – 6 months of free hosting from Nixwood.

The Nixwood team constantly monitors marketing trends, consumer demands, and preferences and fine-tunes the templates for your productive business.

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