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All web design and development company sell air – all agencies, consultants, experts describe themselves and their services as professional and efficient. There is nothing new here, it has been always like this and always will be.

When you decide to order the services of web design and development company, you definitely want to make sure that you choose an experienced team, that is aware of all the new products and the latest releases. And that will create a website taking off in Google and bring new business and new sales. 

The most curious thing is to distinguish true professionals from people professionally selling “air”. The cost of a mistake is quite high – the budget, time, and the future of the business, which directly depends on visible and relevant Internet presence nowadays.

So, we are sharing a checklist by which you can quickly determine how cool your potential supplier is.

quickly create a website or landing page


1. ASKS a lot of routine, complex, but correct questions about your business and the goals of your new website. 

None of the professionals will make a site for the sake of a site without asking questions. The option to create a website without answering questions is only on website builders, but even there you have to choose your niche, your theme, and your template. Yes, you don’t have to answer such a lot of questions at site builder platforms, but you also have no guarantees of the correctness of your tacit choice of a template or theme.

Choose a web design and development company

How not to overpay web design and development

Professional TOP WEB-DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES take responsibility for the result and must understand in which market, for which audience, and for what purpose the site will work. After all, the work on the site does not end with its release. At this point, the real business on the Internet is just starting.

2. ASKS for links to sites of direct competitors and offers options for the structure of the site so that it is better promoted in search engines.

It’s cool if you are immediately offered themes/templates/site references for business niches similar to yours.

This approach helps you narrow the range of search options and track the results of competitors. Also, it’s your tool to think over options for how to detach from direct competition, without breaking the usual logic of buying behavior in your business niche, but also bringing something new and exciting to the minds of your audience with the coolness of your product, services.

 The best web development and design companies

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3. ASKS how you plan to promote the website (what types of advertising do you want to run and what traffic attraction channel you are going to pump first and as the main one).

Design, copyright, SEO settings, product cards, and the structure of the site can significantly depend on your detailed answers.

quickly create a website or landing page

Of course, you need to promote your site simultaneously through many channels for great results. But let’s be honest, if you don’t have a multi-thousand advertising budget you need to focus more on content marketing. That may be a blog, useful articles, reviews, etc. If you have perfectly pumped accounts in social networks, you need to make the site convenient and understandable for the regular Instagram and Facebook audience. If you have a store on Amazon or Shopify, the website should represent what you sell there.

All these promotion parameters have to be of interest to your WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY you chose.

4. Makes the maximum emphasis on the site loading speed and offers to optimize everything that slows it down.

This is definitely the TOP parameter for all modern evaluation characteristics. Even the most beautiful site with cool videos, interactive and creative animations, and thousands of dollars of the advertising budget is unreal to bring to the TOP of Google if the page download speed exceeds 3 seconds. Optimal strive for a 1.5-second page download speed indicator and regularly check it via Google PageSpeed ​​Insights for both mobile and desktop versions of the site. The desire of WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY for the website performance in the “green zone” of Google – it is your confidence that your developer is a professional and that your website will be promoted well.

What is important to consider in the website design of a web design and development company

Website design for company

Choose a web design for a company website

5. Offers tips for socializing site visitors and clients with your brand and business (banners, share buttons, discounts for posting purchases, etc).

The more users and customers interact with your product in the public (social) life, the better your website traffic & audience trust-level is. This is the direct source of free traffic and a very valuable target audience – friends and subscribers of your satisfied client’s friends are much more willing to entrust their money to a business that is highly rated by a person from their communication network than a website from cold ads. 

The site should be optimized for social interaction – buttons for likes and reposts, sign in via social accounts option, offers to review product/service have to be located in convenient and logical places. An offer to get a discount for sharing information about a purchase and other tricks suggested by your WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY is the confidence that the team is not indifferent to the future of your sales performance.

6. Considers the integration of instant messengers and chatbots as basic functions of a modern website.

It is very important to avoid the scenario of those sites performing annoying pop-ups with “dead” chatbots pop up to users, able to answer only something like “your order is very important to us” and that’s it.

Nowadays, the basic configuration of a good site should be a chat with live support from a “live” messenger with the ability for a “live” person to support the consultation if the bot fails. Well, or your bot should be “taught” and developed to a high level of adaptability and perfection. This way also allows both to increase the level of customers’ satisfaction, and to collect a customers’ messenger accounts in your database. It perfectly works for sending relevant or special offers based on the results of their questions afterward. 

Look out for the customer support chat solutions your vendor offers. TOP WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES will not agree to install or connect garbage that slows down both the site.

7. Requests your existing media files – video, pictures, photos and makes their adaptation to the format and future site structure by a professional graphic designer.

If your candidate website design and development company requires pictures and photos in a specific format, with meta tags – this is a bad contractor with no excuses. A good WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY will tell you what you need, consider what you have, and select what is suitable for the website, independently taking care of the optimal design and images adjusting. 

A reliable partner will offer options for pictures from photo banks in case your media files are not good for some reason.

Note, that visual content is extremely important for your website promotion in our times, so be ready to invest some resources to get the nice content.

Selection of images for web design company

High-quality pictures of the web design and development company

8. Understands that you are not a professional copywriter and you should not write texts by yourself or by your mother’s, sons, or householders’ hands. A good supplier knows by himself how to assign a task to a copywriter and how to evaluate its work.

Everyone knows that texts on a website are not only important to show the world who you are and what you do. Texts are the tool for your target audience to find your product and take the target action on the website. 

So, first of all, your website must be visible and foundable for search robots in order to start showing your site to users according to their keywords on the Internet.

Understanding these mechanics, professionals will recommend which keywords to focus on and give copywriting to professionals who can write texts understandable for both – to search engines, and your live clients and buyers. Only unscrupulous web design and development company will offer to insert any of your text without its detailed parsing and analysis.

9. Points out the importance of SEO (search engine optimization) and prescribes how to write texts on each page of the website in the future.

A good supplier also tells you how to publish to a blog and publish pictures properly so that they can be easily indexed by search robots. 

In addition to the basic text blocks that are crucial for the site release, you will need to update the content and publish articles and reviews to the blog in the future. Top web design and development company will explain to you the principles of updating the site and working with the administrative panel. This means not only stating which button to press, but also how best to fill in all the technical fields for the correct indexing of articles and pictures or videos on your website.

These little things are critically important when launching and promoting a new website. If you neglect them, you are guaranteed to break your taking off on the Internet. Make sure that your partner is interested in your success the same as you are.

Be sure to ask the web design and development company what they will do for your website security

Professional web design and development company

how to choose a web design and development company

10. Tells you everything about reliable, safe, and fast hosting.

A bad web design company will not care about what hosting service to choose. In fact, there are many hosting providers.

And most of them are quite reliable. It is important for you to choose a provider that guarantees the fast download speed of the site in those countries or cities where it should work for the audience.

Back-ups – the ability to restore a backup copy of your site in case of any technical problems, or in case some content is deleted for bad sake,

regular site updates to new versions of software products. In a perfect world, this should happen without your active participation in the process.

Definitely, there are some options responding to these criteria on the market, a good web development company will draw your attention to this issue. 

With the apparent complexity of the choice and many nuances, we would like to note that the excellent web design and development company is not always the most expensive in terms of budget, difficulty in communication and procedures, and slow in terms of release time.

Modern technologies and talented programmers make it possible to optimize and automate many processes to offer reasonable rates and timing for professional services. 

The NIXWOOD team makes your website in 24 hours for only 199 bucks. You should not unconditionally believe this statement – make sure by yourself.


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