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Updating WordPress website. Why Is It So Important?

Nixwood Team 25.08.2020

Why do you need to update the WordPress website?

 A WordPress website is something that stays with you for a long period of time and you definitely expect it to be an effective marketing tool on the Internet. So, it is important to keep it updated all the time. I mean not only the content updates which are also important but also updates of the CMS your website runs on.

For now, WordPress is one of the biggest and most popular content management systems in the world ​- nearly 30% of all websites work on the WordPress engine. So, WordPress publishes the system updates from time to time. Just the same way as Apple fixes some bugs, improves software, and adds new features updating your iPhone once per a couple of months.

Why do you need to update the WordPress website

WordPress has an open-source code that is built by a developers’ community. Note, that such a concept has both pros and cons. On the one hand, it is cool that every developer can make a contribution and adjust the code. On the other hand, it is a sweet spot for hackers and other people, who want no good. Anyone can open the code, check it out, see the gaps in the code, and figure out how to hack the website. 

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So, when you skip the latest update, you most likely, miss new features and improvements that might be helpful when it comes to security. Update your website and software regularly in order to work properly without stress and additional security issues. 

And remember, hackers, love un-updated WordPress websites!

What should you do to make your website safe? Hereunder we will describe several clauses that will help you to look after your WordPress website. 

After you’ve updated the website, check your website, run tests, and once everything is bug-free, upload the changes.

What needs to be updated first of all?

It is most likely that you use PHP to run your website since it is the most common language that many platforms use to run the websites. WordPress uses it too.

 You won’t see much PHP updates. Those are quite rare. But when you see one, update as soon as you can. I am not trying to scare you but just keep that in mind. PHP versions change every two years and after three years old, an un-updated version is no longer supported.

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importance of php version update in wordpress website development

Contact your hosting company to update the PHP on time. Usually, they run all the PHP updates. They check the current version of your website and help you to get the proper updates. 

Imagine WordPress as your phone. It also has updates and upgrades. They happen from one to three times a year. It always brings some new features and major improvements. And updates happen from time to time. There is no early planned updates schedule. When the developers see a bug that needs to be fixed or new features ready to be presented to users, they release the next update.

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Ask your hosting company to help you with updates and upgrades. 

Note that updates least likely to create any problem. But upgrades can shatter your website. So it is important to ask a specialist when you’ve decided to upgrade. WordPress developers do everything for great user experience but there is always a chance to run into some issues. 

For example, if you have some kind of old plugin on your website, the newer version of WordPress might simply stop supporting it.

Design and plugins will also protect your site


Timely updated plugins, this is the key to the safety of the WordPress site

WordPress website theme is a front-end styling that the user sees when surfing your website. So when the back part is updated or upgraded, the themes are updated too. And it is very natural. Creators do want everything to look smooth and work great so they adjust the older order to make something new.

 For example, when you set up your WordPress website for the first time, you pick a child theme that is dependent on the parent theme. Basically, the child theme has a unique look with the functionality and styling of another theme. So when the parent theme is updated, your child theme should also be updated.

In other cases, even WordPress website design can lead hackers to find holes in the code and attack your website.

 Plugins get outdated as everything else on your WordPress website hosting. So check the updates regularly and don’t miss them if you want users to like your website.

 Do you constantly check what plugins you can add to your WordPress website? If so, check how many times the plugin you want was downloaded and when was the last update. Please don’t install something that hasn’t had any updates for a long time.

Ok, so now you know how to keep your website running healthy and secure. And if you feel that your website runs fine, then don’t worry. You can do not-so-often check-ups with a specialist or even proceed with them yourself in case you have enough tech skills. However, we suggest updating PHP by your hosting company.

 Note, that the more features your website has, the longer the update may take.

 To summarize: definitely follow the updates, check the safety of the site for the website’s effective performance. At the same time do not forget to fill it with high-quality content, track traffic, attract bigger audiences, receive, and respond to orders.

 I know that keeping an eye on each and every update form all the services takes some time and a lot of attention and it might take your focus away from the important daily routine. You can take this pain away by outsourcing such service from your website agency you trust to.

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