how to create of a website for a company

How much actually cost to create a website for a company

Daria 11.12.2020

Every businessman sooner or later decides to create of a website for a company. Website development is the creation of a powerful marketing tool that allows you to solve many problems: sell, inform, advertise, create a company image and increase customer loyalty. Thanks to the competent development and promotion of a web resource, you can not only declare yourself, but also get great benefits from your activities in the form of monetary, human or any other resources. After all, website is just a necessity in our modern dynamic world, which more and more goes into the Internet environment, so you should pay maximum attention to its development.

One of the most important issues is the price. It is generally believed, that a well-made website should cost a lot. Many developers offer their services for $ 400 or more. On WIX and Tilda prices can vary between 100$ and 1000$. But what if we tell you, that a high-quality website can cost as little as $ 200.

For this price, Nixwood team will create a website or landing page for your business in just 24 hours. We also provide 6 months of free fast and safe hosting.

What we use for work

you should create a website for a company

How much actually cost to create a website for a company

We use WordPress to create websites. One of the great things about the platform is its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and the best part is that the platform is open source and free for absolutely everyone. WIX, in turn, uses their own WIX editor, which provides a variety of already-made templates, and Tilda creates websites from separate sections and elements using Zeroblock editor. Each of these systems is simple, user-friendly and anyone can figure out how to work with them. However, it should be noted, that these constructors have limited opportunities. With WIX editor, for example, you have to make do with those designs, which already exist. And with WordPress you can create your own unique design.

quickly create a website or landing page

It’s no secret that the cost of the service includes not only the website design. Providing domain, storage for files, CCL certificate, SEO optimization and 24/7 support are indispensable services when creating a website. Tilda, for example, keeps your website for one month after its official launch.

Why you should create a website for a company with Nixwood

The high price is not always a guarantee of quality and the fact that your desires will be fully satisfied. Our Nixwood team invites you to start building your website together step by step. You will not be left alone with hundreds of different templates, clicking on everything to understand what exactly suits you. Also, our marketers, designers and copywriters will help to realize all your ideas.

Internet suggests huge variety of website creating platforms. They differ in specifics, services and prices, so everyone chooses what suits them best depending on the goals of the website and their budget.


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