How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress

The Simple Way to Create a Landing Page in WordPress

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So, you already have a site and you want to create a landing page in WordPress for a product or service? Maybe you don’t have a site yet, but you want to create one for a product you’re selling.

For your product to sell, you want to show it off to as many people as possible. And you want to turn the visitors to your site into buyers. In short, you want to increase your conversions.

To do this, a landing page is your best bet. What is a landing page and how do you create one with WordPress? Let’s have a look at answering these questions.

What is a Landing Page in WordPress ?

create a landing page in WordPress program

You can create a landing page in WordPress yourself

But wait, I have a landing page, I hear you say. Isn’t that what visitors see when they enter my website address in their browsers? No, that’s a homepage. So, what exactly is the difference between these two pages?

quickly create a website or landing page

As we said, visitors see your homepage when they enter your website address in the address bar of their browsers. It contains a lot of information about you or your business, like contact details, your products or services, and maybe a bio. It also contains links to other pages where they can find more information. In short, it gives visitors more information and choices.

In contrast, a landing page is built for conversions. It contains fewer links than your homepage and gives visitors just the right amount of information to make a decision. This decision can be to buy your product or contact you for further information.

And yes, you can have both. Although you can only have one homepage, you can have as many landing pages as you need. These can be pages for products, services, or for you to build a mailing list.

Sound good? Now, let’s move on.

How to Create Landing Pages in WordPress

When it comes to creating landing pages in WordPress, you have a few options. These are:

  • Modify an existing theme
  • Use a page builder, or
  • Use a template

Modify an Existing Theme

This is probably the easiest way to get started. Using it will have your landing page live as soon as possible.

Here you pick a theme that you like from the many available to use. By default, the theme will already have pre-built pages. You can go ahead and delete any of the pages you don’t need.

quickly create a website or landing page

Keep in mind that, if you already have a WordPress site, you can add a custom page that you can use. Visitors can still visit your homepage, but your landing page’s URL will take them to the landing page.

The next step is to set your homepage to a static page. Here you can pick the page that will display when a visitor types your address into their browser’s address bar.

Once this is done you can customize the page by adding features such as contact forms, text, images, and a call-to-action.

There you go, you’ve created a landing page just by modifying an existing theme.

Using a Landing Page Builder

how to use Landing Page Builder

use Landing Page Builder

Your second option would be to use a page builder plugin in WordPress. Page builders give you the option to build custom pages using a variety of tools like drag-and-drop functionality. Most are free and some offer paid versions with extra functionality.

Many page builders also offer pre-built page templates that you can use as-is or customize using the plugin’s tools. Similar to using an existing theme, you have to set your homepage to a static page. When you edit the page you will be given the option to customize the page with your page builder.  You can then add the features you like or those your page needs.

Some of the best page builders are:

  • Elementor
  • Divi
  • Beaver Builder
  • LeadPages, and
  • OptimizePress

With these, you’ll be able to build your landing page effortlessly.

Use a Template

Your third option is to use a page template plugin. These plugins offer a lot of pre-built content like landing pages, contact pages, product pages, and even complete sites. Some themes also have a library of pre-built landing pages that you can import.

You can use these pages as is with your content or customize them with your page builder. It’s as simple as opening the library of the plugin and choosing which one to use.

Final Thoughts

Apart from these methods, there are also others you can use. They are a bit more complicated and require that you know some coding. These are, therefore, the easiest ways to create your product or service’s landing page.

No matter which you choose, the right landing page, you will up your conversions and increase your sales.


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