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TOP 7 Website Designing Trends for Business From Best Website Designing Company

Admin 03.09.2020

2020 has become a great occasion for the best website designing company and its community members to remember old trends and interesting ideas that are long gone. Despite difficult times for business and creativity, the main directions of web design interfaces in 2020 stand out for their special aesthetics, intuitive UI, and ease of creation.

Best website designing company trends

IT trends change very quickly. If you are a designer or an aspiring professional, it is important to catch this skill. It will help you actively develop your sense of taste, adapt to the modern market, and seek new customers. If you are not in the subject yet then immediately open your notes and here we go. We have identified this year’s trendy seven directions in web design.


The current trends in figures and bright silhouettes were born at the end of 2019, so the sudden fashion for this direction could be foreseen. Find the best website designing company that will make your landing page or site in such style.

quickly create a website or landing page

best website designing company

advantages of web design geometry

Why it’s relevant: a combination of simple text and a pronounced geometric shape. It is bright, it attracts. It’s simple for the audience to pay extra attention to that style but it popped up as a difficulty for some web designers to refuse from more complex design solutions. Only the best web designing company is able to switch to the new trend at once.


Helps to develop a sense of style in both beginners and experienced creators.

Easy to implement and fix.

Easy to create

Looks very unusual with different color combinations.


Suitable for the web design of landing pages, personal sites, and blogs. This option would be too much for an online store or a serious commercial project.

quickly create a website or landing page

Dark theme

A web design trend that has long been mastered by such digital giants as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram. The dark theme helps your vision match the bright screen of your phone and helps you change the look of the old web design. Some of them are very popular. Nixwood’s best website designing company can do it for your landing or site.

best website designing company

New in web design dark theme

Why it’s relevant: people spend a lot of time on gadgets with the lights off. The dark theme increases the credibility of the website or product. 


Designing a dark theme can be done very quickly based on a basic light version. New ideas for renewal appear. The dark theme enhances customer confidence.


Little space for imagination. Since there is already a ready-made web design, it is worth focusing on it.

Minimalism for website or landing page

To draw a visual parallel – minimalism in website and interior design is very similar. For example, both of these options seem super “fresh” and “simple”, but in reality, this work is more difficult than you think from the start.

minimalism in web design

Create a web design with minimalism

Why it’s relevant: According to analytics, minimal sites tend to encourage people to buy.


Intuitive UI. A minimum of occupied space means it is easier to understand the buttons. Works with online stores of clothes and unusual goods for which visuals are important.

Really valuable portfolio work. You will quickly gain experience and improve the quality of your work after developing such a web design.

Due to the simple navigation on the site and a nice picture that doesn’t overload your thoughts, customers are more inclined to be active on such sites. More clicks, more views, better sales – all these features help you to promote to the level of the best web designing company.


Look at your websites’ target audience. Some people groups still prefer old school web design with traditional features they used to. It is stupid to force them to get changed rapidly only because of your ambitions to become the best web designing company prevail.


Have you heard about cyberpunk? This is what we know neon outlines and bright images from. Today neon has become a great tool for work and advertising, so web design is not aside from the trend.

Why it’s relevant: Bright, stylish, youngster, and catchy images.

neon web design

Neon styling adds color to your web design


The interesting prototype development process.

Can be combined with other trendy directions like minimalism, geometry, or dark theme.

Purple & club parties lovers will be crazy!


Not suitable for all types of businesses, like some official or protocol professional services, financials, some kinds of education. Be sure to work with a good marketer.

Black and white

Black and white style, like vintage, began to gain popularity at the end of 2019. It all started with clothing design. Famous fashion houses such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton have brought back and white photography, covers, and designs.


black and white web design, advantages and disadvantages

Why it’s relevant for web design: it just makes the website more “expensive” in appearance.


Increases sense of taste, good practice for those just starting to follow web design trends – it is the best start for your ambitions to become the best web designing company of the season at least.

Multipurpose Design: Work with stores, nonprofits, and startups.  The black and white direction is perfect for all of them.

Easy to create thanks to a small range of colors. It goes well with vintage motifs and geometry.


May not fit for creative projects, children’s sites, etc. We recommend you explore your target audience closely with a marketer before killing the colors at your next project.


Trigger features in web design are great at helping to hook a client which means to get your main task done perfectly. Illustrations often fit better than photos as they are still not over spread within the internet. They perfectly convey the mood and the main idea of ​​the site.

ilustration web design

Illustration trends in web design

Why it’s relevant: a versatile, bright, and fun option. It also may be more flexible, easy to correct or adapt if something is changed in the original ads campaign rapidly. Photos are not that cheap and easy to be fixed sometimes.


Work well with promotions. The most flexible visual and effective language in 2020. Can be customized for different audiences


You need to be ready to work in new programs, test a few drawings, communicate and get results from artists and stay open-minded for ongoing training.


A live picture in web design from a real person is a great tool to not only attract customers but also to increase their level of trust. When they know that the site is made by people for people, it becomes easier. 

Why it’s relevant: As you know, the generations who spend the most time on the Internet are millennials and buzzers. The trend towards naturalness and freedom from frames came from them. Formal web design from the best web designing company may seem to them too hard to be perceived in an easy way.

Imperfections in web design

Web design with people inspires trust


You can put all the inspiration into the project.

Naturalness will help the design become convenient and understandable.

You can try new techniques, such as single line drawing, cross-hatching, or black and white imagery.


Not suitable for websites with a technical theme.

It is always difficult to create and develop new ideas for web design: it is active work with a marketer, developer, and author. To keep the web design up-to-date and creative, we recommend taking advice from this year’s trendsetters and constantly looking for new creatives – on Behance or Pinterest. Anyway, it is you to choose the place of inspiration, and the result of your work for your clients is always up to you!

At Nixwood – the best website designing company, we are always searching for the perfect balance between the trendy looking, unique, and converting features. Our website templates and layouts are set to solve clients’ business needs in a fast and easy way. All of them are developed on the basis of the WordPress engine, so they are easy to be updated as web design trends are changing and developing. 

Contact us any time of the day or night via a suitable messenger on our website and get a free consultation for your next trendy website development.


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