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How to order reputation management services?

The Nixwood team is a real expert in working with clients from high-risk niches. We know how to deal with the influence of negative reviews on the company’s reputation.

  • Step 1

    Share your problem with us, send links on negative reviews and materials about your brand.

  • Step 2

    We will conduct a deep analysis of your case and find optimal solutions.

  • Step 3

    We will implement the chosen strategy and create favorable conditions for your business.

Don’t create a new brand – work with the current one: we will take care of your reputation

Has the amount of negative reviews on the Internet increased?

People working in high-risk niches frequently face a significant number of bad reviews. Market instability, the “human factor”, black competitors’ technologies – whatever the reason, many negative brand reviews can lead to customer outflow and up to 10-50% revenue losses. In such cases many specialists and companies decide to set up a new business. We offer another solution: keep your name and do not lose your money. Your good reputation is our responsibility.

Expert materials for reputation management

We present the SERM niche. It is a set of services that helps manage the company’s reputation in the online environment. One of its key components is the publication of expert materials about the company. It helps increase the number of positive reviews and offset negative ones. Working with our company means getting $30 for every $1 invested. What’s more: after finishing the work on a project, our team will continue to monitor your business so that we can quickly solve any problem in case it emerges.

Why is choosing SERM more profitable than creating a new brand?

Creating a new website or registering a new company really allows you to get rid of past negativity. But at the same time, it requires much time to attract new customers. It means you won’t be able to work with the old brand because of the negative reviews and use the new one to its full capacity. In this case, daily losses may reach tens of thousands of dollars. But if you put effort into building your reputation, you’ll be able to earn from your old brand. It will help you maintain your previous income and even increase it by 20-30%.

Why is our offer the best on the market?


Our specialists apply various tools and techniques to efficiently manage the company’s reputation. We analyze brand reviews and tags in social media, sites with reviews, and forums. It allows us to detect all risk factors and work on their neutralization.


Our PR specialists have vast experience in high-risk niche reputation management and know all the peculiarities of this market. We understand the importance of a good reputation in this field. We work accurately, quickly and show a result that can be measured and evaluated by real indicators.


We offer an individual approach to each client. Since each company has different characteristics, we develop personal strategies, considering the severity of the problem, customer needs, budget, and other factors. We deal with all working moments in advance.

What guarantees Nixwood gives to its clients?

  • Security and privacy

    We guarantee complete confidentiality of our cooperation. We do not transmit information about our customers to third parties and comply with all requirements regarding personal data protection. Nobody will know that you ordered a reputation management service.

  • Full-fledged communication

    We are in touch with our customers 24/7. We will inform you in detail about each following step. We understand that the company’s reputation can suffer at any time, so we are ready to react quickly and prevent devastating consequences for your business.

  • Expertise in the field

    Our experts have experience working with companies specializing in cryptocurrency and know how to manage reputational issues effectively. They know how to deal with complex cases and quickly respond to negative feedback and reviews.

  • Issues monitoring

    We understand the importance of being famous in the crypto world and how much any negative review may affect the company’s reputation. Therefore, we offer media space monitoring and management to maintain and enhance business reputation.

  • Justified expenses

    We mainly work with clients who invest only in businesses that can bring them profit. That’s why we offer affordable and effective reputation management solutions. From every dollar invested in maintaining your reputation, you will get up to 3000% profit.

  • Expert approach

    We deeply analyze the client’s reputation and develop a strategy that provides the most effective solution to the problem. We apply only reliable and proven work methods, so you can be sure of successfully maintaining your reputation.

Is there a threat to your reputation? We have an action plan

Case audit and analysis

It is essential to analyze the pages and sources that display negative information about your brand and define the origin of negative reviews: negative customer experience or dirty PR technologies from competitors. Analyzing the key queries that display negative information about your brand is also pivotal.

Strategy development

Based on the analysis of your case, we develop a strategy aimed at reducing the number of negative reviews and improving your reputation. Among possible strategies may be: generation of positive content, work with reviews, professional SEO optimization of website pages, implementation of full-fledged PR campaigns, etc.

Strategy implementation

After the strategy development, it is necessary to embark on the implementation of specific measures. For example, creating positive content, working with negative reviews on external resources, and using the best online platforms for sharing brand-related articles. It is also essential to carry out performance monitoring and strategy corrections.

We work on maintaining customer trust to your brand

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) for high-risk niche clients is an online reputation management strategy aimed at reducing the business damage risk and increasing the customers’ trust to the brand online. It is crucial for companies that work in the financial sector, such as cryptocurrency brokers and stock exchanges. High turnover of funds, volatility, and severe competition are the main risk factors for such a niche.

Negative reviews, articles, and other materials on the Internet can significantly reduce customer confidence in a company and lead to business loss. Therefore, SERM helps to manage the negative impact of Internet publications on your reputation.

Applying for our services, clients receive an efficient online reputation management strategy that includes feedback monitoring and analysis, search engine optimization manipulations, content management, social media work, etc. Our experience and knowledge help clients maintain good reputation, increase trust and prevent business from losses in the high-risk environment of the cryptocurrency market.

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