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Follow simple steps like the other 750+ our clients

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    communication: terms, price and conditions

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    creating a sample: web design and text content

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    editing: making corrections and creating an interface

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    connecting: front end and back end development

Check out some website samples

There are some of our projects for your easier choice. Nixwood web developers create an individual website in the best way. 

  • Your successful partnership: web developers who care the best result

    Nixwood team offers reliable solutions to any IT-problems that prevent you from working and attracting new customers. We perform every order from the scratch. Qualified Nixwood’s best web developers will save your time and resources, fix all bugs and make your website more effective. Entrust unnecessary problems to a team of specialists. We have more than 50 front-end and back-end developers, designers, copywriters and PR-managers in our team.

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Perfect SEO that will attract new clients

Any web developer knows that it is very important to create an attractive website with a user-friendly interface: then users will be satisfied and want to return to your site. Unfortunately, this is not all that needs to be done for the success of an online service. At first, customers must find your site among a million others to assess the quality of the product. SEO specialists will help you with this problem.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it’s about special skills to be visible in the web space. The right use of SEO rules helps to increase the quantity and quality of traffic. This steps includes professional SEO promotion:

  • Basic SEO research: analyze of company, competitors and market data

    In order to know how to build a promotion strategy, you need to know in which direction to start moving. Analysis of the company’s data will show strengths and weaknesses, the level of site traffic, even the time spent on the site. Analysis of competitors will show what attracts customers to them, and what does not work and it is not worth trying it in our case. The market situation shows which context and method of promotion will be appropriate in a given situation in a professional environment.

  • Formation of SEO strategy and semantic core: why do you need this

    Finding the right semantic core takes a lot of time and effort. It is necessary to analyze the maximum number of queries and find out how relevant they are. This means that there are popular formulations of queries for certain services or products that people are looking for in the search bar. It is divided into several categories and various filters are added to identify the most effective one. Using the semantic core brings your site closer to the result that a potential client is looking for.

  • How to be visible: choice of a text structure and suitable website content creation

    Search engines are developing systems of algorithms in order to match user requests as closely as possible. These algorithms are configured to recognize key information on the site, analyze content and traffic. Based on this data, search algorithms build a hierarchy of the most popular sites you can trust. Our SEO specialists know how to structure the content of the site properly and correctly arrange key information. This makes it easier for the algorithms to recognize that the site’s content matches the request.

Not only web developers: we support your website from $99

Not only web developers: we support your website from $99

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    Bug Fixing Anytime

    Don’t worry about some failures – NIXWOOD best specialists will fix it immediately

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    Performance Tracking

    The work of the site is always under control so as not to miss failures, errors or updates

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    Website Backup for Safety

    Don’t be afraid to lose your website and your clients, a site backup will save your data in any situation

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    Hacking and Virus Protection

    NIXWOOD security system tracks dangerous data and destroy it immediately

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    Web Design Editing

    The best UX/UI designers will change buttons, blocks and add new modules upon request

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    Content Modernization

    We will replace or correct outdated information, add relevant and fresh content to keep your site modern

How will web development agency make your website popular?
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    We Choose Web Promotion with Google Ads Tools

    Online promotion is a natural way to stand out from a huge number of different sites. Imagine that you made your product very high quality, invested a lot of resources and time in it. After that, your product ends up in a box with a huge number of similar items. The client may be delighted with what you have done, but first, he needs to notice you among the many. This is why the Nixwood agency chooses promotion with the help of Google advertising. We create and set up an ad correctly, then Google will show it on partner sites or raise your site at the top for a search query

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    We Know How to Attract Target and Relevant Traffic

    NIXWOOD experts know the main rule of preparing an advertisement. The first thing to pay attention to is the analysis of the target audience. Experienced specialists of our company will determine a complete and detailed portrait of a person who may be interested in your company. Special settings will help to increase the quality traffic of your website. This means that a maximum of people who are already interested in your offer in advance will go to you. Correctly configured ads can bring you over 1,500 users in a day or even a few hours

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    Attract More Clients: Earn on Contextual Advertising

    A high-quality advertising campaign requires investment. The more you invest in contextual advertising service, the more users will visit your page. Web developers will take care of your website quality, so anyone who comes to your website will be able to appreciate the user-friendly interface and buttons that call to action. A complex of IT solutions will help you expand your customer and visitor base, which opens up a lot of new opportunities for you. You could place affiliate ads on your site, then the new traffic will increase your earnings from clicks

Your trusted development team


Nixwood company develops website solutions since 2015. We have a great team: developers, web designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists who have received prestigious awards for their professionalism. Our collection contains The CSS Design Award 2015, D&AD Award 2016, The Shorty Award 2018, The CSS Winner award 2019. We follow the latest trends in the digital and IT-industry to use only actual knowledge.

Each of our team members is a qualified European specialist. Many companies choose to save money on a website development company and hire Indian freelancers who make a cheap product. This decision often leads to even greater problems. It’s because Indian freelancers usually do the most basic development using free online tools. Also, European companies are not only modern and qualified but also cheaper than American specialists. Silicon Valley’s pricing does not allow you to invest enough in the project for the site to have an effective structure and go to the TOP. Nixwood will provide a complete digital agency solution for an affordable price.

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