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The most often websites problems

Many website owners ignore them

Low loading speed

No call to action

Hard-read text

User-unfriendly interface

Non-adapted to mobile

Search engines ignored

Reduce Google, Bing Ads price

Poor website optimization leads to extra click pay

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  • Only 9% knows that:

    • Poor web optimization raises the CPC by 3-5 times
    • Correct setups increase conversion rate to 70+ percent

    Learn how to make a website visible for search engines and reduce the cost of advertising by 5 times

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  • 73% of website owners don’t use analytics correctly

    Or don’t use it at all – It is one of the reasons for low traffic

    • Wrong Google Analytics settings
    • Google Analytics isn’t configured at all
    • Tracking code isn’t installed on each block
    • Not set MS Bing and other searchers data
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Pay attention to search engines

How to benefit from the search engines proper use

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Wrong Google Business settings

The mistake 84% of website owners make

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    • Each SEO specialist knows that you have to have your Google Business account. For example, your location on Google Maps affects internet promotion.
    • It ruins business for those who don’t do this! Searching systems couldn’t find your website and show it to possible clients. You continue to lose your traffic!
    • But it’s okay because we here to help you. Contact us for 30 min of free consultation and improve your website.

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Why are we doing this for free?


  • We have more than 15 years of experience so we know all the details of this industry

  • Many consulted people hire us for a professional website development

  • Even if people create websites by themselves they work more effectively thanks to our help

  • We are happy to share our experience and we are glad to help

Learn free how to:

    • Choose a platform for a website creation
    • Determine the optimal website structure
    • Optimize your website according to the SEO rules
    • Calculate true term should take a web development
    • Distinguish good web designer and where to find him
    • Create quality content; where to find a good copywriter
    • Check the quality of freelancer’s work
    • Not overpay a developer for a website creation
    • Find a good freelancer for your website creation
    • Know what price is s suitable for freelancers work
    • Benefit from social media and what exactly to choose
    • Get ranked right away by search engines Google, Bing

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