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  • Website creation: what is the essence
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  • How to start: what platform to choose
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You might have these problems

If you already have a website

  • Low loading speed

  • Does not adapted

  • Unknown location

  • Complicated interface

  • No call to action

  • Low-quality content

Quality website optimization

It will help to save your money

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  • How to reduce the Ads price

    Advertising is the most popular way to get your website in TOP for the most short period of time. Unfortunately, very few people know how to do it right.

    Different users set different Google Ads settings, which affects the price. The more accurately the ad is configured, the lower the cost per user click will be.

    Nixwood has many specialists who know how to get prices lower from $ 5 and more to several cents! We can share the experience that only specialists have.

    It is all to save your money for the promotion. Get a free 30 minutes consultation to save more than $3000 a year!

73% of website owners don’t use analytics correctly

Or don’t use it at all – It is one of the reasons for low traffic

    • Wrong Google Analytics settings
    • Google Analytics isn’t configured at all
    • Tracking code isn’t installed on each block
    • Tracking code isn’t installed at all
    • Not set MS Bing and other searchers data

    As a result:

    • It isn’t clear why users come or why they leave the website
    • You aren’t able to fix what scare away the website visitors
    • You can’t reach more traffic and improve your business
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Wrong Google Business settings

The mistake 84% of website owners make

  • Each SEO specialist knows that you have to have your Google Business account. For example, your location on Google Maps affects internet promotion.

    It ruins business for those who don’t do this! Searching systems couldn’t find your website and show it to possible clients. You continue to lose your traffic!

    But it’s okay because we here to help you. Contact us for 30 min of free consultation and improve your website.

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Stop ignoring these searchers

Get new traffic with the correct search settings

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