The best grid plugin for WordPress Elementor

That helps to solve margin problems on your website

How it helps

Our free WordPress plugin will help you to ajust margins all over your website

  • WordPress Plugin

    Helps to make equal margins between columns on your website

  • Adaptation

    Looks perfect on all the devices: laptop, mobile, tablet

  • Speed

    You may waste no time to fit your layouts, with our plugin it will take a few minutes

What you need to know

  • Price

    You may download Nixwood Layout Grid plugin in the WordPress Elementor library free of charge

  • Copyright

    This useful free WordPress plugin was developed by Nixwood team to make the best website interface for you or your clients

  • Layout

    Helps to organize all the website layouts and make them perfect. Please read our instruction catefully


Nixwood Layout Grid plugin WordPress Elementor will help you to make your margins adjustment automatically between columns inside sections and inner sections.

If you ever faced the problem with making equal margins between columns. If it was challenging to make an identical margin on all the website layouts so that your template could fit the layout grid, then this plugin will solve this problem.

We’ve also managed to move forward and created some of the Bootstrap grid. Now you can make two columns 1/3+2/3 accordingly, or even three columns 1/4+2/4+1/4, etc. And above all this, you can make all your margins throughout your website fit.

This free plugin WordPress development made by Nixwood inside Elementor default \” Sections\” widget. You may install WordPress plugin and make equal margins between columns easy without any problems.

If you like this information, please feel free to download this best WordPress plugin and we will be greatful for your feedback if you want to install WordPress plugin Nixwood Layout Grid.

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