Who will create website template for your business?

create website template

Read these simple tips before you will choose an agency or freelancer for building your website or landing page.

  • Make sure your future website will be SEO optimized.
  • The download speed of your site must be in the Google “green zone”.
  • Optimize your text and pictures according to SEO rules.
  • All the texts and pics on your website have to be 100% unique.


Nixwood is an agency of internet enthusiasts who can implement all this into your future landing page or website.

How to create your website mockup using wix website templates?

To build a landing page or website on popular website mockup builders is not that easy.


The following list will help you understand what this means:

  • First, you need to make sure that you are familiar with Photoshop or other graphic design programs.
  • “Free” website builders such as “Wix website templates” are not free at all. The total cost of using all the features can be well over $100 per year.
  • You should be prepared for the fact that you need to spend at least one to two weeks to create a website template in such a constructor.
  • Agencies charge from $500 to create a landing page on a website builder. This factor should also be taken into account.


Nixwood agency will create you the most exclusive website for $499 without any pitfalls. We can declare without false modesty that this is the most profitable deal on the market. Especially in San Francisco and Arizona.

website mockup wix templates

most exclusive website

Why would you choose to team up with Nixwood?

— To get understandable, working, selling site without additional hidden works (threats to get stuck in incomprehensible terms, settings, services), expensive agencies, with a price tag of several thousand dollars, hidden fees, and unreliable freelancers;

— To present your company/product on the Internet in a very easy way;

— To increase sales (Everyone knows that a respectable and reliable website is the face of modern business, by which a future client forms an opinion about your company.);

— To get an effective tool for doing business and advertising;

— To interact with customers online.


Nixwood is a trusted WordPress web design company based in New York. But our freelancers are all over the world.

With the help of our designers, copywriters, server experts, your website will be safe, fast, secure, and presentable.

We can assist you at all stages of the project — from inventing the future website title and designing a personal website template and ending with supporting an already launched project. So you will receive all services in one place.


Just email our WordPress expert, and we’ll help you create your great web project.

Why to create website template with Nixwood is so cheap?

We use WordPress for site development. It is the most common website management system in the world. More than 30% of all websites or landing pages on the internet were built with WordPress.

We optimized WordPress for the needs of our customers and made it even better and made our one-of-a-kind tool based on the last edition of WordPress Gutenberg.

This unique tool allows our developers to build new WordPress websites quickly, with minimal time costs, and completely according to the individual requirements of each client.


You might argue that a site template is not yet an entire website and you would be right.

Nixwood also offers its customers:

  • copywriting,
  • design;
  • basic SEO optimization of your website or landing page.

We have brought together web designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists into one well-coordinated team.

All this makes it easy to create a website or landing page based on your needs in 24 hours and $499. And that is what makes the final prices of sites designed by Nixwood the most competitive.

create a website templates

most exclusive mockup

Get your business online tomorrow

If you have a business idea or are a creative person, you need a top-quality website! After all, competently presenting your ideas or products to a future buyer is 80% of business success.

So why with us?

— we will do all the work for you;

— no need to break away from work and understand complex online nuances;

— you will receive everything included;

— 24 hours and your site is ready.


A website in 24 hours with such quality is an absolute record!

Does your business already have a website that doesn’t suit you for any reason and has a domain name? Once our team has prepared a new working draft for you, the switchover can be done very quickly. Your clients will not have to contemplate the sad inscription “this website is under construction” for a long time.

Your job is to take care of your business, and ours is to make a great website or landing page for you.

If you don’t like the site made by our team, we will refund your money within a month.

Get most exclusive website for $499?

You will get a high-quality website or landing page for $499. After all, you’ve found the best website development deal on the modern IT-market.


$199 includes:

— the main page of the site, containing up to 10 blocks of information;

— 10 photos or graphics optimized for your website;

— blog page where you can post articles and news;

— full integration with popular social networks and instant messengers (clients can write messages to you directly in the chat, while on your website);

— complete optimization for any device. Your site will look beautiful on mobile phones, tablets, laptops;

— 6 months of fast and secure hosting (we will host your website on a server in San Francisco, California, USA);

— support and free guides for filling your site with the new content and adding new pages.


WordPress-development is our profession. This is what we can do best. Use our experience in WordPress web design for your success.

Contact us, and you will get the best website or landing page in 24 hours.

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