Create Success With Online Reputation Management

A strong and positive website reputation will boost leads and sales

    • Manage negative reviews
    • Get a strong reputation
    • Increase visitors trust
    • Boost leads and sales

Search Engine Reputation Management

SERM is one of the web promotional tools focused on the brand, company, or individual reputation on the Internet. The state of reputation directly impacts online business, leads, and sales

We create and manage a positive web reputation and remove negative information about your website. Search Engine Reputation Management campaign will bring you to the TOP of organic search, boost your traffic, and increase a profit


SERM impact on Business

Feel the benefits that will come as a result of search engine reputation management

You will get:

  • Client’s trust and support
  • New strong partnerships
  • Leads and sales increasing
  • Desired image and reputation
  • Reaching business goals

There is a general statistic most of the websites get after SERM. Numbers according to independent research:

  • Traffic boosts up to 49%
  • Conversion grows up to 62%
  • Leads and sales increase up to 43%
  • Ads cost per click lower by 74%


You need reputation management!

Increase client’s trust, get more orders and make more profit. So you must do reputation management if you are:

89% of users make decisions about buying or ordering web services based more on a company’s reputation on the Internet than on its advertising, content, and visuals

  • Freelancer
  • Influencer
  • Information resource
  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Corporation
  • Services sector
  • Online shop

You are about to reach success!

All these business improvements require a minimum of effort on your part: you make a one-time payment and enjoy the benefits throughout your business

A team of professionals does all the work for you: don’t worry about where to start, how to build the right strategy, and how to complete all the necessary tasks

Our services

Nixwood’s SEO and promotional team are going to lead your website to the TOP search and create a strong and attractive reputation for you

Your business will become confident, trusted, and profitable. Check out what is included in your SERM promotion.

Reviews Management

We delete negative reviews that almost every time is not objective and creating positive ones instead. This helps to create only a good impression and increase the interactions on your website.

Web users tend to leave mostly negative reviews and testimonials about everything. Very few people can notice and appreciate good not only about people but also about goods and services.

It happens that a couple of negative testimonials impact the business in a bad way. So we just help anyone who has a web page to make things right. We want to show people the best sides of a personality, brand, business, and others.


Monitoring and Control

We provide constant monitoring of new and old reviews and other mentions. We are always ready to make things right and to constantly improve your reputation. Your image issue is always under control, so don’t worry.

One-time cleaning is not enough usually. People create and publish different comments and reviews all the time. So it will be not so productive to delete negative reviews and ignore new one

As well as we need to control the appearance of new negative information, we need to update and create new positive reviews all the time. It seems not natural when there are only a couple of good reviews two years ago and that’s all.

Going to the TOP

We create all the conditions for your organic promotion. Users will see your web page on the first line of search results. As a result, you expand your customer base, boost your traffic and increase profit.

When you have mostly positive reviews and not one bad review it’s a signal that search engines can trust you. If it so, then web users can trust you as well. So it’s a reason to make your website closer and more accessible to people.

A trusted and strong reputation is one of the search engine criteria for determining a site’s relevance. It means that search algorithms check your website’s reputation and then they decide if you worthy of going to the top.


It is not necessary to use all possible social networks, sometimes it is enough to limit yourself to Instagram and Facebook. The more online platforms you use, the higher the chance of fast and quality promotion

Social Media
Reputation Management

Social media is an additional tool for online sales, customer acquisition, and reputation building. Every brand and business should present itself on such social networks as:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

The more platforms you use for promotion, the more important it is to carefully monitor and manage your reputation, instead of letting things go.

Benefits from Social Media RM

All these business improvements require a minimum of effort on your part: you make a one-time payment and enjoy the benefits throughout your business

A team of professionals does all the work for you: don’t worry about where to start, how to build the right strategy, and how to complete all the necessary tasks

The direct benefits you will get:

  • Only positive comments and reviews
  • Customer’s trust and involvement
  • More opportunities, leads, and sales
  • Online business scaling and developing
  • Constant reputation monitoring


SERM is a key to success: 4 steps

76% of successful brands and online business models consider search engine reputation management services as a key to success. All the famous brands as Skoda, Tripadvisor, Yves Rocher, and others use SERM as a way for promotion and profit increasing

It is not necessary to put in a lot of effort to get the desired result. We will do all the work for you, and you will reap the benefits! Use these simple suggestions to get benefits step-by-step

Step One: Analysis

The first thing to do in solving any problem is to analyze the input data. We check the original internet reputation rating. We analyze what impression the search engines have of your site. We check all possible reasons and sources of positive and negative conclusions.

After a thorough analysis and identification of all weaknesses, we draw up a clear strategy for solving the problem. A long-term strategy usually consists of other three steps, which we will discuss below. A phased strategy will help improve your reputation in just a few weeks of work.

Step Two: Corrections

The first step after analyzing and drawing up a strategy is to correct the current situation. For example, the most popular problems that come out of analyzing website data are usually negative reviews and comments. Usually, most web users leave only negative reviews, which is not fair.

Therefore, Nixwood web specialists will remove as many negative reviews as possible to exclude the negative from your reputation. Using professional techniques and tools, we find negative comments, gain access to management and delete all information that harms the business.

Step Three: Creation

We create an attractive picture for Internet users and search engines. We add positive comments and reviews on behalf of the average user. The next step after clearing the Internet of negative information we create a new, fresh, working image for your brand, business, or web activity.

Users are more inclined to cooperate with a reliable source. Statistics show that more than 80% of people pay attention to the image, online reputation, and reviews of other people. If the site does not have enough positive reviews, then almost 90% will leave to look for a more reliable resource

Step Four: Monitoring

A new review, post, article, or comment may appear on the Internet at any time, which will negatively affect the attitude of users towards you. This will not be a problem if you constantly monitor the updated information and immediately take the necessary measures.

We comprehensively approach the issue, so we do not remove all the negative info but work with it. Initially, we make contact with the disgruntled commentator and return his loyalty. When the negativity issue is settled, it is fine to remove the harmful information.

Congratulations, you have a successful business now!

Pay one time and get benefits all the time with any efforts. SERM service from Nixwood is the easiest and the fastest way to improve your business indicators.

All the great work we are going to do will impact your business and will solve more than 83% of the brand’s image issues.

How do Search Engine Works: SERM impact

Search engines work to identify the most relevant sites. Relevant means a website that trustworthy and worthy of a visit.

The level of relevance is determined by search engines according to a long list of criteria: from the quality and quantity of content on the site to the presence of key queries and much more.

One of the most important criteria for search engines is the reputation of a website on the Internet. Search engines determine the level of reputation by the number and ratio of positive and negative mentions.

For example, if mostly good reviews are written about your site (goods, services that you provide), then search engines promote your site to the TOP of search results.

Employees of companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on know that users need to trust search engines to use their services.

The Nixwood team is specialists in the field of promotion, SEO, SERM, ORM, and so on. We know all the details and nuances of promotion and will help raise you to the TOP, increase income and popularity.


The next time a user searches for the desired product or service that you provide, he will see your site as one of the first in the search results.

Therefore, they do their best to show first of all only the best, trusted, and reliable sources. This is a win-win deal for search companies and site owners.


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