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SEO analytics and optimization

SEO-optimized content creation

Google My Business setups

Link building and reputation

SEO helps your business grow

SEO is search engine optimization which means making a website visible for search engines according to lots of criteria. It is necessary to do if you want to stand out and be competitive.

78% of website owners don’t use SEO optimization and as a result, lose more than 65% of free traffic. Those who use optimization save 83% of the money on advertising because they can get organic traffic.


Who needs SEO services

SEO is the key to fast and quality website promotion

Anyone who has a website and wants to benefit from it must pay attention to proper optimization, especially:

  • Small and medium business
  • B2B and B2C entrepreneurs
  • Large-scale offline corporations
  • Freelancers and influencers

Choose 17 years experienced SEO team

Nixwood is an experienced web solution agency that does website development, SEO optimization, marketing and promotion, technical solutions, content creation

Nixwood is an experienced web solution agency that does website development, SEO optimization, marketing and promotion, technical solutions, content creation


What is included in SEO services?

1. Analysis of Competitors and Your Website

  • Full market and competitors analysis
  • Defining weak and strong sides
  • Tefining what to improve at first
  • Take an example from successful cases
  • Creating a strong long-term strategy

2. Creating and Publishing SEO Content

  • Defining a semantic core of your website
  • Defining common keywords and keyphrases
  • Defining optimal bulk of content
  • Creating content according to marketing and SEO rules
  • Publishing content in a proper sequence

3. Local and Google My Business Optimization

  • Optimize your business account at GMB
  • Setting up a location and phone number in GMB
  • Claiming your listing at Google Maps
  • Optimizing your GMB account with backlinks
  • Optimizing your business hours and services

4. Backlinks and Positive Reviews Placing

  • Researching top-ranked sites for backlinks placing
  • Creating relevant anchors as keyphrases
  • Creating content containing backlinks with keys
  • Creating positive reviews containing backlinks
  • Backlinks publishing on rated agencies and platforms

5. Your Affair Tracking and Reporting

  • Installing and using Google Analytics settings
  • Creating daily, weekly, monthly, annual reports
  • Analyzing and using Google Analytics reports
  • Adjustment and improvement of the strategy
  • Business impact reports about each SEO method

Our Services

SEO analytics

Local SEO

Link Building

SEO Content

SEO Analytics Services

The key to proper search engine optimization is pre-SEO analytics. 51% of website owners who use basic SEO don’t analyze any data first. That is why their SEO doesn’t work

We collect data about your niche and your website to learn what will work personally for you. You will get an SEO analytics report to see the weakest and the strongest parts of a niche and website. We will give you SEO strategy and personal recommendations.


How does SEO analytics help business

A clear and detailed website analytics report will show its strengths and weaknesses in content, usability, and technicals. Thus, it is visible what needs to be worked on first

The analytics report of the niche in which you work shows the most popular queries, keywords, preferences of the target audience. This gives the right direction for development

Business is developing in the right direction and as quickly as possible. The result after the SEO of analytics and the implementation of optimization appears in the first month after changes

You don’t need to make changes and adjustments at random. You see the data and clear instructions on how to work with it to achieve success.

Benefits you get from SEO analytics

You will receive step-by-step instructions for success. Stop guessing what went wrong and what should you do. You exactly know how to get a successful website now.

Profit increasing because of a customer base expanding. Optimize your website according to professional SEO analytics and gain more traffic. More visitors mean more sales and profit.

It is a fast and easy decision for your business development. You can easily know everything about interactions with your website and what SEO marketing solutions are actual for your niche.

New opportunities for business expanding. Scale your business online with a top-ranking, because it gives you more clients and a new level of your business model as a result.

Local SEO Services

94% of consumers go online to find the local services that are as near as possible. Almost all of them use a searching engine and choose between the top of websites in search results.

So that what the local SEO does, it optimizes your website according to the most common requests. Next time your possible clients will be searching for the services you can give, they will find you at the top.

How does Local SEO help business

The direct finding of your website: as soon as consumers make a searching request, they will see you between the hundreds of the same websites.

Google My Business optimization: we set up your business address, working hours, website link, and others for better interactions

The rank increasing among search engines: Google, Bing, and other algorithms consider your site worthy of promotion to the top.

The ensure finding of your business in Google Maps and other navigation services, not only with searching engines.

Benefits you get from Local SEO

You gain more traffic with the new ways of finding clients. Local SEO opens new doors your future clients can open when they need you right here, right now. When they look for services nearby, they found you.

Your website becomes more visible and available to more customers. People don’t like to scroll and to open many different sites, they just need the best and the nearest to them.

Save money with more organic traffic and less advertising expense. Correct Local SEO settings raise more free website visits and make lower your cost per click when you set up Google Ads.

Expand customer base with online clients. More leads and sales you can get when you find your target audience not only in your physical surrounding but online too.

Link Building Services

74% of website owners who use SEO optimization and marketing forget about link building. As a result, they lose at least 45% of organic traffic. Experienced website owners use an integrated approach to promotion, so they increase traffic and website rankings effortlessly

Link building is the placement of backlinks to your website on reputable sites. We place backlinks with selling articles and positive reviews. This increases the trust of search engines in the site, so according to their parameters, your site becomes worthy of promotion to the top of search results.


How does Link Building help business

Get a ready-made customer base on competitors’ sites. Placing links on sites similar in topic leads to your interested clients in advance

Increase trust and recognition. Users looking for services in your niche stumble upon your links. Visitors develop trust on a psychological levela

Don’t spend money on advertising. Backlinks on authoritative sites are one of the criteria for which search algorithms promote sites to the top

Placing reviews with backlinks dispels the doubts of the future customer. You get a customer who knows and trusts your brand in advance

Benefits you get from Link Building

Get fast promotion and traffic gaining. You don’t have to wait for success forever while your competitors use SEO and promote their business

A ranked website makes you successful and respectable. Realize your business on a maximum and become a successful businessman and website owner.

Increase your profit with a constant customer base expanding. You can get more possible clients from different websites.

You can grab more ready-to-buy clients from backlinks placed on ranked websites. Competitors visitors already interested in similar goods and services.

SEO Content Services

96% of top-ranked websites optimize their content with SEO. It means only websites with SEO content can become successful and earn their best. Unfortunately, most website owners ignore this fact and lose lots of opportunities

Content optimization means placing text and images according to a search engine’s algorithm. SEO specialists analyze your niche and make website content suitable for the most popular requests and visible for search engines. We create special SEO content or optimize your ready-made text and images.

How does SEO Content help business

Created with marketing and optimized content makes a website visible for search engines. It becomes easier to go on top searching results by requests

More visits mean more income opportunities. A great number of visitors helps to increase conversion percentage, so it is more leads and sales

You gain more traffic when while you on the top. People don’t like to scroll over different links, they choose only between the top ones

Web users can find your website through the pictures or key requests we use. It means people can attend your website even if they didn’t plan it

Benefits you get from SEO Content

Your website becomes top-rated because of clear visibility for search engines. You are not at the bottom of the search results list anymore.

One-time optimization increase traffic every day. You see the result of SEO on your analytics reports every day. It becomes only better even without effort.

Profit increases with the minimum of your efforts. One-time properly optimized content raises your traffic and sellings for the long term.

Faster promotion with properly optimized content. Get more and more organic traffic every day simply thanks to one-time optimization.

How Do Search Engines Work?

Everyone is used to using search engines like Google and Bing. But few people understand how they work and how clever algorithms affect the success of any website

If you understand how search engines work, you will be one step closer to effective website optimization and the success of your online business

How Search Engines Appeared: The Basic Principle of Work

Many years ago, there were few sites on the Internet, and the entire business existed mostly only offline. At that time, there was no competition at all on the Web site, and users did not drown in an endless stream of information and online advertising.

A little later, the Internet became overflowing with information and offers of goods and services. Search engines have appeared that have made searching the Internet easier and more efficient. You formulate your query in a few words or phrases, write it in a search engine and get results that coincide in content with your query.

Nowadays, every offline business has its website, and some are only engaged in online business. For any search query, there are hundreds of sites that have at least similar content. There is intense competition between web pages in every niche.

Therefore, search engines have developed special algorithms for evaluating websites to distinguish which one is relevant (worthy of trust and promotion), and which one will be at the very end of the search results list. Now, website owners are trying to build the site and content following the requirements of the algorithms to get as close to possible customers as possible.

How Google Algorithms Work

Imagine a familiar situation for everyone. You open a Google search page and write your query into the search box. For example, the best films of 2021. The search engine analyzes your request and looks for sites similar in meaning and content

Findings Google gives you a list of different websites. You choose one of the first sites shown to you and choose which movie to watch today.

But in fact, everything is much more complicated than it seems. Google can’t list one bunch of websites that contain a keyword. It sorts sites by relevance and ranks them in front of the user from the most popular to the most unfortunate.


A search engine’s choice is influenced by many factors:

  • The presence of a key request on the site
  • The most accurate match to the key query
  • The number of key phrases on the site
  • Spam percentage or organic key occurrence
  • Quality of content on the site (text, photo, video)
  • The bulk of content on the site (text, photo, video)
  • The level and frequency of activity on the site
  • Percentage of positive user reviews

It seems like a lot of these points, but each of them hides its details that need to be taken into account. Few people know exactly what needs to be done to meet all the search engine criteria.

How to Optimize Your Website and Become Top Rankings

How to create the desired content and how to place it on the site? How to do everything right and give the desired result? Nixwood specialists know all the secrets and rules of optimization

SEO means search engine optimization, it helps build websites the way to become visible for search engines. SEO specialists identify many methods and tools for proper optimization.

  • Local SEO helps promote your website by geographic location. Correct settings of Google My Business and other tools show you at the top of local queries
  • Content SEO highlights the semantic core to properly create and structure a text, photos, and videos on the site with marketing rules. So search engines can see what and for whom your website is.
  • Link building increases the level of reputation and trust of users and search engines. Experts post links to your site on different platforms: within the framework of a feature article or a positive review.


These techniques and other useful tools will push your site closer to the top of the search results. New opportunities are opening up for you: a large number of visits, high conversion, increased sales, recognition, and trust of Internet users.

The Nixwood team will do all the job for you. Professionals with 17 years of experience conduct professional data analysis; know and use work strategies; guarantee an increase in performance in the first months after optimization. Join us at the top!

Does your business needs SEO services?

How should you decide if you need professional SEO services? Make sure it will useful for you! So you need Nixwood’s SEO services if you:

  • Are on your online business start and you want to start it properly
  • Have a website that has poor traffic and low conversion
  • Need more leads, and sales, but want to get it without effort
  • Have a poor customer base but you want to expand it
  • Your company does services in specific areas with low popularity
  • Want to be top-rated, trusted, and recognizable on the Internet
  • Want to grab maximum consumers near your location
  • Want to set up properly and secure your data in:
    Google My Business, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau

If you recognized yourself for at least three reasons then you totally need SEO services from Nixwood!

Contact us or leave your contact information to discuss the details and get the best optimized and successful website!

How to get SEO services: simple steps

Step 1: Contact us in any form: call, email, use messenger, leave a request

Step 2: We’ll discuss details, make up a strategy and Technical Task

Step 3: Team of specialists immediately start the work on your project

Step 4: We provide you with analytics, actions according to it, and reports

Get SEO for your business is simple like that! So push the button below and contact us!

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